Cauliflower Curry! My HCLF Recipe

Hi Everyone!

wanted to share with you my HCLF Curry recipe! so simple and easy to make! I am in love with cauliflowers so they end up in everything I cook!!  and I thought these flavors complemented each other…

Just in case you are not familiar with “HCLF” it stands for High Carb Low Fat. In this lifestyle we try to avoid foods that contain high amounts of saturated fat or any oils & eat lots of carbs 😀

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– Basmati Rice  ( you can use any rice you like, I love using basmati)

– 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms 

Half a head of a Cauliflower

– 1 golden organic potatoes, Chopped 

– 2 cloves garlic ( minced) — ( Optional)

– 1 can of Pomi Tomato Sauce ( low sodium, no added ingredients)  *you can use regular tomato sauce as well

–  2-3 freshly cut Tomatoes ( Diced)

– 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric.

– 1-2 TBS Curry ( adjust to your taste)

– A pinch of pepper.

– 1 chilli pepper diced ( optional if you want the curry to be spicy- adjust to your liking)

*Note: Curry powder may help lower cholesterol and prevent cholesterol gallstones by virtue of one of its constituent spices also Tomato based curries are a great source of lycopene. This extremely powerful antioxidant is far more prevalent in cooked tomatoes than raw ones.

How to:

– you should start making the Rice first! You may cook the rice in your rice cooker or in some hot water.

– pour a quarter cup of water into a pot

– Add in the Onions,garlic, pepper ( chill pepper for spiciness) and bring to a small boil

– Add the mushrooms and the turmeric & curry powder and let it cook for 2-3 minutes.. this will in fuse the flavors. keep stirring.

– Pour your Tomato Sauce in ( make sure to keep stirring in the beginning)

– Add in Half a cup of hot water and let it continue to boil.

– After boiling, bring to a simmer and add in the Potatoes & Cauliflower.

-Cover and cook for 10 minutes.

-_ uncover and add in the Tomatoes and cover again for 10-15 more minutes until the vegetables are done ( not crunchy)

and there you go! serve over your Rice and Enjoy 🙂

*I do not cook with salt but you can add salt if you like! or Use lemon instead.

***I serve this with a side of salad with my Secret low fat/ no oil salad dressing. & some Green onion sprouts.


I hope you like this recipe! it is a very healthy and fulfilling dinner! and delicious!
as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

please follow me for more healthy HCLF recipes and other vegan goodness 🙂

Love & Peace

12 thoughts

  1. Looks yummy , I use curry in almost everything…that and turmeric…
    .I have a good cauliflower recipe easy.. called Cauliflower Relleno’s
    One head cauliflower…clean and cook whole in boiling water till almost done, Not falling apart as your going to cut it …set aside let cool then slice in to 1/2 to 1′ slices – salt and pepper lightly….(if you have ever had chili rellenos that is what we are doing next) then you lightly flour both sides of cauliflower- set aside
    Beat egg whites till soft peaks, (I add one yolk back in for color this is optional
    Put deep sauté pan on stove with enough oil in bottom to come up 1/2 way on cauliflower, when oil is hot, dip one slice of cauliflower into egg white, coat both sides and put into hot oil, cooking on both sides till egg whites are brown, drain on paper towels, continue till all cooked.
    You will need some sort or marinara sauce, home made or jar…or substitute with favorite sauce
    In a casserole dish, I add marinara to the bottom and then lay each cauliflower out in dish – cover with rest of marinara sauce, you do not need to cover completely, but enough they can cook in it in the oven…I cover, not letting foil touch the cauliflower…you make have to use tooth picks if dish not deep enough…
    bake at 350′ for about 30′ or until sauce is bubbling hot, uncover sprinkle with parmesan or monetary jack, melt cheese and serve….sooooo yummy Hope you try this it really is a different way to have cauliflower and yummy, of course substitute any of the above ingredients you like…Enjoy

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      1. adaptation is what its all about….you don’t have to do the egg bath,,,just bake it in the marinara….,no cheese…never thought about the vegan aspect…lol sorry…but it is really yummy….


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