My secret to Natural long eyelashes!

Hi Everyone!

A couple of years ago I was curling my eyelashes with my eyelash curler and accidentally yanked out & chopped off half my lashes on one of my eyes! yes…chopped off! I don’t know… they just got stuck in there.. I pulled… some were dragged out and some cut off… anyway.. I looked terrible! I didn’t wanna go anywhere! people kept saying ” what happened to your eye” and after a week or so of this….I thought to myself… Are these thing gonna even grow back!!!???

it was a nightmare!


too dramatic??

haha! well.. maybe!! but I have had full and long lashes all of my life… honestly I get more complements on my lashes than my smile or face or whatever it is people get compliments on! so yeah something so small… a few tiny hairs on my eyes falling off was making me so miserable & self conscious!

I tried false lashes on and I felt like I couldn’t open my eyes! why are those thing so weird and heavy!?! at some point someone even told me to get an eyelash extension… uhhhh


NO thank you :/……..

and then there was my mom to the rescue… she told me that I should apply a tiny bit of Almond oil to my lashes every night and that they will grow faster naturally…

I said alright why not! and I did…I even applied it to both eyes..

within a week my lashes were fuller and in 2 weeks you couldn’t even tell there was anything different from one eye to the other… except my “normal” lashes looked Fuller and longer than before!

My mom told me later that she used to apply almond oil to my lashes when i was younger because she wanted me to have full lashes!!!

so there you have it Folks… the secret to my long lashes is:

Almond oil

Almond oil is a rich source of magnesium which is used in a variety of hair products.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 9.53.22 AM

and the best part is!!!


I use Dabur Badam tail Almond Oil ($7) now because it’s at an indian grocery store next to where I live… but you can buy whatever brand you can find… just make sure that it is pure almond oil or almond oil that is meant for consumption ( there is nothing mixed in it)

Apply it on your eyes before you go to sleep, it might irritate your eyes a tiny bit but that is only because it is cleaning your eyes AND  it can seep into you eye area and give you a wrinkle free and beautiful look 🙂

make sure your lashes are clean and there is no mascara left… you can apply it with a Q-tip, dip the Q-tip in the oil and gently move it across your root of your lashes.

you can expect awesome results after four to eight weeks!!!

Just a note: you cannot outgrow your genes, I naturally have had fuller lashes all of my life…if you naturally have less eyelashes you cannot end up having very long eyelashes but you can have ‘longer’ eyelashes than your natural length 🙂

There you go! Hope you give this a try 🙂

as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

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love ya!
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  1. I have mixed almond and vit e oil for all those natural lines and saggy areas on my face…never thought about eye lashes…good tip….I also mix in a little aloe juice every now and then….really nice to apply right after a shower….

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    1. a couple of years ago someone told me to get biotin pills for my hair! and it made me break out really bad.. but at the same time my hair was looking better! never tired it by itself though! so not sure… the Almond oil works really well for me 🙂


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