5 Cooking Tips For Eating Vegan On The Road Or in Small Spaces.

I like to travel A LOT! Eating out all the time is not always an option, don’t get me wrong there are so many great vegan restaurants and options popping up every day! but when you are on the road eating oil-free and vegan can be challenging! Plus it’s not the most budget-friendly option to eat out all the time even if you are not vegan!

Most of the time I am stuck in a hotel room with no kitchen as well, so I have to get really creative! and for all of you who are living in dorm rooms, you know what I am talking about as well! yes, this applies to you!

So Whether you’re on the road, in a Drom or live in a tiny house with limited appliances! here are 5 tricks I have come up with over the years to save some money and eat healthier on the road or in small spaces like a dorm room with no kitchen.


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1. Bring the Essentials.

Whether you are driving or flying it won’t take too much space in your suitcase/car for you to bring some essentials with you! Eating Utensils are a must and you’ll need a small cutting board and small travel cutting knife and disposable Eco-friendly plates

Make sure to save up some salt and pepper packets as well! or just bring a mixture with you in a small ziplock bag.


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2. Portable Cooktop.

These are a must when traveling on the road, or if you’re stuck somewhere with no kitchen! Make sure you choose a great quality one that will give you the results you’re looking for, you can read more about cooktops here https://bestkitchen.pro/induction-cooktop.


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Once you have your cooktop, the sky is the limit! get yourself a bag of veggies and mix it up with some soy sauce and you’ve got yourself a nice healthy meal!

3. Cook noodles in the coffee maker

Yes, you read that one right! if you just can’t bring any appliances with you, there is still hope! Every hotel room already comes with a coffee maker and guess what… you don’t just need to use it to make coffee! ( just make sure you rinse it out before and after)

I love to get myself some of Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Ramen before my trips, just throw it in the coffee maker with two cups of water and you’re set!


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4. Steam veggies in the Coffee Maker.

I know that sounds crazy! but you can steam veggies while making your ramen in your coffee maker! just place some veggies on top where the filter is Voila! you’ll have some steam veggies in no time! sounds crazy but works every time!

So eat up those veggies and stay healthy!


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5. Bring your Rice Cooker.

Finally, if you are traveling by car this is probably a no-brainer. All you’ll need with a rice cooker is some electricity and you’re set! you can make so many delicious things in the rice cooker aside from rice, all you need is to visit a supermarket and buy some basic veggies. My favorite is Vegan Chilli made in the rice cooker! it’s fast, it’s delicious and you’ll be full from all that healthy protein.



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I hope these ideas were helpful! let me know if you have any useful tips for eating healthy on the road, I am always looking for tips to enhance my travel eating experience.

Love & Peace

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