I Tried Veganuary And Fell In Love With It

This January, social media platforms exploded with keywords such as #Veganuary or even #VeganJanuary.

The principle is simple. Veganuary was launched by charities to encourage people to eat vegan for a month. The objective is not as much to switch to a fully vegan lifestyle, but at least to educate enthusiastic eaters about their choices and the way their favorite meals affects the planet.

As a result, millions all over the world have embraced the vegan challenge, and some have been hooked by the benefits for the wildlife, the health and the environment. If you have fallen in love with your vegan month and want to turn it into a new way of life, this article is for you.

The difficulties for newcomers are numerous. Indeed, friends and relatives might have been supportive, but they expected you to go back to your old ways once the month was over. How can you best maintain your vegan habits?

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.22.53 AM

Vegan Tiramisu


One step at a time

Let’s take things slowly. As a new vegan, you can take the time to replace some of your daily products. Ultimately, veganism is a journey. There is no point throwing away all the content of your wardrobe today. You can take things at your own pace, and approach specialist vegan shops next time you need to upgrade your outfit. One conscious consumer decision at a time will make you a vegan in the long term. Indeed, it’s a change of lifestyle; consequently, the best way to sustain it is to gradually add substitutes into your routine throughout your transition phase. You have to consider your furniture, shoes, clothes, kitchen, and accessories! In other words, you have to probably find a vegan version for every single thing you own. Take it slowly and only change items that need to be replaced as it can be expensive!

Can I still throw casual parties at home?

So, before you were vegan, you had an active social life. You’re now worried that you can’t stay in touch with your non-vegan friends. You don’t have to worry about that! You can still organize casual parties and provide your friends with yummy alternatives. A creamy hummus makes a perfect party starter dish, for instance – you can find a delicious recipe on Nomad’s Marketplace. Additionally, there are plenty of sweet desserts, such as a vegan substitute for tiramisu that will keep everyone satisfied!  Besides, it’s easy to find vegan pizzas, if you’d rather order a takeaway. Ultimately, as long as you look for options and don’t try to preach your friends into veganism, there’s no reason why your new lifestyle should affect your relationships.

Do I need supplements?

Last, but not least, you might be concerned about the long-term impact on your body. While Veganuary is a challenge limited in time, you might want to get advice from your doctor when it comes to making a long-term change. Indeed, it is vital to track risks of vitamin and mineral insufficiency. While the vegan diet is rich in nutrients, people who struggle with additional dietary requirements such as allergy or food intolerance might need to find plant-based supplements to keep their body healthy.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.23.08 AM

Photo courtesy of https://fshop.com

If you’ve fallen in love with the vegan diet during your Veganuary challenge, you can gradually implement new habits into your life to make sure you’re keeping track of your finances, your relationships, and your health.


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