6 Tips to Rid Your Body of Chemicals and Toxins

Removing toxins that your body has accumulated over time is a gradual process that requires making changes to the way you live and eat. While you may not be able to do much about environmental pollutants, you can certainly control what goes inside your body. Here’s how:

 1. Start exercising

Sweating is the best and the most convenient way to rid your body systems of toxins as exercise of any form will make you sweat. Find a physical activity you enjoy doing and make it a part of your everyday life, at least five times a week.

Whether it’s working out at the gym or practicing yoga at home or swimming, exercise is a great way to flush out impurities.


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2. Stop consuming saturated fat

Experts have seen that many toxins and chemicals are attracted to the fat cells in the body. Therefore, eliminating unhealthy fats such as saturated fats and trans fats from your diet is certain to help you detoxify. 

Moreover, eating a fat-free diet will help you maintain a healthy body weight and bolster your immunity. In addition, start drinking more water.

3. Purify the air in your home

While you can’t do much about outdoor pollution, you can certainly create a safe haven for yourself and your family inside your home.

Most people don’t realize that indoor air can be more toxic than the air outside, given the large number of chemicals present in things we use every day. To clean indoor air, place plenty of green air-purifying plants in your home, get an air purifier if you can, and open your windows every once a while.


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4. Get a basic health check-up

When you’re starting out on a green and clean lifestyle, it may be a good idea to get blood work and urine analysis done to ascertain the level of your general health. Also ask your physician to check for parasites in your body , which can severely compromise your health if left undetected.

Make changes in your lifestyle based on the test results. For instance, if high cholesterol is detected, you know that you need to ditch those packaged snacks and fried fast foods.

5. Switch to organic produce

Did you know that conventionally produced fruits and vegetables are laden with several different types of chemicals from pesticides and herbicides?

These toxins enter your bloodstream through the food you eat and can have a damaging effect on your vital organs. An important step on the path to toxin-free living is to gradually switch to organic produce and freshly cooked meals prepared in a hygienic environment.


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6. Clean your home and car with green products

A dirty environment is breeding ground for disease-causing microbes. When you keep a clean home, you drastically reduce your family’s risk of infections; however, using chemical-laden cleaning supplies and personal care products causes another problem—it introduces a host of toxic substances into your home and your body.

To avoid this, switch to eco-friendly cleaning products made with harmless natural ingredients.

Hope that was helpful!

Love & Peace

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