My Vegan Pregnancy!

As I am sure you guessed from the title I am pregnant and oh man… it was pretty rough for the first few months with the morning sickness! I wasn’t really motivated to do much!  but things are just getting back to normal and I am back at blogging!

I am around 5 months now and want to start sharing my vegan pregnancy journey with you! from my Doctor visits to what I eat and the vitamins I take and my tips and tricks so far, etc…

The baby is Due in February so it’s a winter baby! so far most people, including my doctors have been super positive and supportive of my vegan lifestyle and then even praise me for it! I was not expecting that! So far everything is on track and it’s a super healthy pregnancy!

I will be blogging a lot more regularly, so If you have any questions please let me know and I will write a blog on it as well 🙂

can’t wait to share my exciting journey with you!


Love & Peace




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    1. I have been craving really sour and salty things!! No meat cravings or anything! Oddly I crave tuna fish when I get super hangry 😆 I am gonna write about cravings though ❤️ they have Been supportive which was surprising!

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