5 Ways To Liven Up Your Morning Brew

I love Coffee! I love waking up in the morning and enjoying the ritual of brewing it, the aroma that fills my apartment and enjoying a warm cup while sitting on my balcony in the mornings and planning out my day, there is nothing like it.

There is a lot that goes into brewing a good cup of coffee, from the coffee beans to how you brew your coffee, head to coffeelovers.reviews to get some great tips on tricks on how to brew the perfect coffee foundation.


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Since going vegan and giving up coffee creamers I have experimented with so many different and healthier ways to enjoy my morning Brew. There are so many different ways to enjoy coffee without adding sugary flavors or low-calorie sweeteners that are not good for you! So here are 5 different ways you can make your simple cup of joe into a delicious morning treat.

1.  Cardamom 

If you don’t know what Cardamom is you are definitely missing out! I love the aroma of cardamom, it brings back so many childhood memories for me and true coffee drinkers swear by it! There are so many health benefits to Cardamom, it has a good shake of iron, potassium, and fiber and has been shown to help with stomach and intestinal issues such as heartburn and constipation.


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For best results mingle whole cardamom seeds in with dark-roasted beans, grind finely, and brew as you would straight coffee. so try adding some of this spice to your next brew… you won’t regret it!


2. Coconut Oil 

You might think this one is strange! I have seen people stir in butter cubes into their coffee to make it creamier! well, Coconut oil is the healthier alternative with the pretty much the same results!


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Not only is Coconut oil better for you than butter, it adds a pleasant nutty flavor to your coffee. make sure you keep stirring your coffee to avoid oily sips.

3. Chai spices

Do you love Chai lattes? well, you can make your own version in your kitchen under 5 minutes! Try some Masala chai it is made with fresh ginger root, green cardamom pods, cinnamon, and star anise. You can boil it with water and then add it to your coffee with your choice of nut milk! You can also make Malasa chai tea if you are in the mood.


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Yum! smells like fall if you as me!

4. Orange Zest & Cinnamon

This one is pretty self-explanatory! I bet you can just taste those flavors! some days I am in the mood for a little Citrus spin! Add some Orange zest to your coffee ground and mix in some cinnamon for sweetness, You can make orange zest pretty easily and you will be in heaven!

5. Maple syrup

Pure grade A maple sugar is so much better for you than white sugar, so if you’re craving a sweet cup of joe, go for some maple syrup instead! it will also make your coffee creamier.

You can even find maple syrup with flavoring. Stir a bit into your hot drink to sweeten it. add in your favorite nut milk for the perfect cup.


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Hope you enjoyed these tips and get to try some of them out!

Love & Peace


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