Fun things to do as a Vegan.

When I first went vegan a few years ago, I became a little antisocial. I felt like I couldn’t go to any of my favorite restaurants because of their lack of vegan options and my friends were not really into my vegan lifestyle at the time so hanging out with them was usually accompanied by them teasing me about my food, me being a hippie or just general teasing about their preconceived notions of vegans.

Things have certainly changed since just a few years ago! the vegan movement is on the rise and people are much more aware of what they put into their body! Documentaries like What The Health have really changed the way people think about their food and the effects meat and dairy consumption can have on the environment.


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It’s so exciting to see people venturing towards the Vegan lifestyle and have so many options! here are just 5 fun things we can do to have fun and at the same time show our friends and loved ones what being vegan is all about.

1. Visit an Animal Sanctuary.

Pretty much any city I have been to has an Animal Sanctuary, it is such a great place to take your kids ( instead of the zoo) so that they can see animals that are free and cared for. You could even volunteer at one and make some new animal friends of your own!


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2. Try new vegan restaurants.

There are so many new vegan restaurants popping up, some are more vegan junk food and some have healthier plant-based options, either way, it’s fun to discover new places and create new traditions with our family and friends! you can download the Happy Cow app from the app store and it will show you all the vegan restaurants or places with vegan options around you!


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3. Start or join a community garden.

One of the best things I did last year was joining my local community garden, not only did I learn a lot about vegetables that are in season and how to care for them, I met like-minded people and lifelong friends and got to take home loads of veggies that I had grown myself! now that’s a win win win situation! and it’s so much fun to do with friends, your kids or family! you can find local events just on your facebook! or searching on sites like Meetup!


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4. Try new smoothie places or coffee/tea shops

I have seen so many new Juice, smoothie or tea places pop up in the past year! these are great vegan options to keep in mind if you want to meet up with someone, or grab something quick in a fun environment! or you just make your own! I used to love going to Teavana, but sadly since they have closed down I have had to find other Teavana replacements.


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5. Discover local parks and hiking trails.

This last one is pretty simple and it’s free! just go out and have fun! take your dog to a new trail! or look up new trails to hike with your friends on the weekends! spring is almost here and nature in bloom is so beautiful this time of year! enjoy it, it’s fun, it’s free and you might meet some like-minded people along the way.

Being vegan does not have to be isolating! there are so many things you can do! so try not to focus on the past and start creating new adventures and discover new ways you can live your life to the fullest! now get out there and have fun!

Love & peace




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