AYRES Beauty ~ Cruelty-free/Vegan & Luxurious

Hi Everyone!

Its FRIDAY!!! Hope you all had an awesome week 🙂


I was so excited this week because I finally got some tomatoes in my garden! They took forever to grow, but they are finally here!


It always seems like a lot of hard work at first but when you get a few and actually taste them.. its SOOOO worth it!

I do get dry hands a lot from being in the sun and digging and all that jazz, so I have been looking for a good Cruelty-free and vegan hand cream for quite some time..

I don’t know if you guys have tried a lot of natural hand creams before… but they tend to be either really Greasy OR they are really milky and don’t give you that satisfying Moisturized feeling…. if anything they make your hands feel even MORE DRY!


I reached out to a wonderful Cruelty-free & Vegan company called,  Ayres and they were kind enough to send me a few samples of their hand creams & products and… oh man…


Ayres hand creams are made from JOJOBA Oil and Shea Butter amongst other things… and My hands have NEVER felt better, They might actually work TOO WELL because  I  don’t feel like I have to moisturize as much!

The cream basically melted into my hands and left a soft and silky finish… the scents were not overpowering at all and left my skin feeling very fresh…They also feel very luxurious and I think would make a great gift as well! I already know I am going to get these for my mom …and she’s so Picky!

JPEG image-55D5C2DC22AA-1

I got to try out Four of their scents, its been hard to choose a favorite! These beautiful and colorful tubes are $12.50 each or $45 for a package of 4!

FullSizeRender 42

I got the:

Sweet Nostalgia Hand Cream   made with essential oils of blooming jackaranda and creamy gardenia. (purple tube) a wonderful fruity scent that is not overwhelming at all! I loved using this at night, It had a very calming scent!

Midnight Tango Hand Cream, Essential oils, Orange Blossom & Vanilla. (red tube) a very sweet and lovely scent, I use this in mid day!

Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream Essential oils of lemon grass and patchouli ( yellow tube) I guess if I had to choose a favorite scent! this would be it! and I love using this in the mornings, it’s citrus smell wakes you up!

Patagonia Hand Cream, with essential oils of Jasmine and rosemary. (blue Tube) a classic scent, I know my mom would love this one 🙂

I also love all the names AYRES has for their products, the company’s theme is inspired by the streets, bars and women of Buenos Aires ( In traditional Spanish, was spelled “Buenos Ayres”) and the lotions and aromas truly do reflect this theme.

FullSizeRender 43

In addition to the hand creams I did get a smaller sample of their Bar soap and body wash & body Butter as well! and just like the hand creams, these products felt very luxurious and moisturizing, I do have very sensitive skin when it comes to natural body soaps and I absolutely loved how fresh and moisturized these left my skin!

The Scents are the same as the Hand lotions, so you can choose topper them up together!

Sweet Nostalgia Body Lotion with essential oils of blooming jackaranda and creamy gardenia

Patagonia Bar Soap – with essential oils of Jasmine and rosemary

Midnight Tango Shower Cream–  Essential oils, Orange Blossom & Vanilla

This has probably been the BEST FIND of 2016 so far for me, If you are looking for a high quality brand and product that is cruelty-free and natural, look no more! AYRES has you covered!

And you’ll be saving bunnies along the way 🙂


Thank you guys so much for reading and thanks to AYRES for letting me try out their wonderful products, I should mention that I am in no way affiliated with the company and will not make any money from the products, I was sent these specific products in exchange for an honest review.

as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

Love & peace


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