Vegan Carb UP Burrito Recipe! (TBT)

Throw Back Thursday!!!!

I made this when I had like 2 subscribers… but this is really delicious and I was making it again today and thought to share it again 😀 Subscribe to my Youtube Channel, I will Definitely be making some new Nutritional and HCLF videos 😀

Love & Peace…

Hi Everyone!

Today I am want to share with you my Vegan Carb Up Burrito Recipe!

here is a link to a video of the burrito on my new Youtube Channel!!!

This Recipe came about because every time I go out to eat…  I have to modify everything…

yes… can I have your veggie Burrito please? …  No cheese please, no sour cream please… and even if I finally do it get and its just right… they say something like.. oh…the beans were cooked with chicken stock!


so…. I just decided to make my own burrito and since I am following the High Carb Low Fat lifestyle, this fits in perfectly!

Ingredients: ( serves 2-3 people)

– Potatoes (  4-5)

–  Organic Pinto Beans ( 2 cups)  

– Pico ( Tomatoes, Cilantro, Onion, Lemon Juice) 

–  Wheat Tortilla ( you can get Gluten free as well) 

* note: I use…

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