Carb UP Burrito Recipe! Vegan

Hi Everyone!

Today I am want to share with you my Vegan Carb Up Burrito Recipe!

here is a link to a video of the burrito on my new Youtube Channel!!!

This Recipe came about because every time I go out to eat…  I have to modify everything…

yes… can I have your veggie Burrito please? …  No cheese please, no sour cream please… and even if I finally do it get and its just right… they say something like.. oh…the beans were cooked with chicken stock!


so…. I just decided to make my own burrito and since I am following the High Carb Low Fat lifestyle, this fits in perfectly!

Ingredients: ( serves 2-3 people)

– Potatoes (  4-5)

–  Organic Pinto Beans ( 2 cups)  

– Pico ( Tomatoes, Cilantro, Onion, Lemon Juice) 

–  Wheat Tortilla ( you can get Gluten free as well) 

* note: I use Organic Fresh Pinto Beans instead of canned beans because Most foods processed into cans, including beans, are significantly higher in sodium than their fresh counterparts. Some canned beans contain additional ingredients, including calcium chloride, animal fat and sugar. Fresh organic Beans have more nutritional value and all around Healthier 🙂

How to: 

– Cut up the potatoes to your liking, you can cut cubes or just cut them into 4 pieces.

– Boil 2  FULL pots of water and add in the potatoes to one and  2 cups of Pinto beans to the other.

– you have to wait for the potatoes and Pinto Beans to get soft.. the potatoes don’t take long but the pinto beans can take up to 45 minutes.

_ while you are waiting for that to happen you can make your own Pico!!! ( or you can buy it from your local whole food store)

-Chop up 2 tomatoes, a handful of Cilantro and half and onion and mix together with the juice of 2 lemons & set aside.

– Now… make sure your beans are soft by testing them first… the water should be almost gone, if not you pour some of it out but make sure to keep a bit to make the pinto beans Juicy.

– You are going to mash up the pinto beans and make your self a little refried Bean mix for the Burrito.

– I only add in pepper & lemon Juice to the Beans, you can add in salt to taste as well.

– mash up the beans until there are no more Whole beans in sight!!!

– Get you Wheat Tortilla and spread the Beans in the center

– place your potatoes on top

– pour in the Pico on Top & Fold your Tortilla on the edges first and then towards the center ( as seen on video)

– Cut in half if you wish (so it won’t all fall down) and ENJOY!

I also make a dipping sauce for the burrito blending together some green peppers, Jalapeño and the juice of 3-4 Lemons!

I hope you Enjoy this recipe!

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and as always, YOU’RE WELCOME! 😉


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