Things That Make The Vegan Transition A Little Easier.

When you become vegan it can be a significant change. It can be difficult psychologically for the first few weeks because you are still getting used to what your new diet and lifestyle consist of. But there are somethings that can help make the transition a bit easier and lets face it  you have so many choices these days!



So going vegan means changing what you wear as well as what you eat. Leather and other animal byproducts contribute to animal cruelty and go against the vegan lifestyle. For those who are really into fashion and keeping up with some of the everyday trends, It can seem more difficult than usual.

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Aside from being incredibly cruel…Leather is an expensive material as it takes a lot of processing for it to become supple and usable and there are also a lot of chemicals used that can be harmful to our health. That is why there are a lot of leather like materials that don’t include any of the cruelty issues or the chemicals. Try fake leathers which you will find in most shops ( Asos, Lulus)  in the form of jackets and shoes so you can keep the look without the cruelty.

Nutritional Yeast

Now to the kitchen, Cheese is one thing that people miss the most when transitioning to a vegan diet, But I bet you didn’t know that you can actually make your own. If you crave a gooey mac and cheese pasta or a bubbling hot nacho cheese dip, then try out this recipe. Take two potatoes, and one carrot cooked and diced. Blend with nutritional yeast and Lemon Juice and add seasoning of your choice. If you use a blender like the Nutribullet, you can get it really fine and smooth. Then when you heat it up, it will feel and taste just like real cheese. Yum! I also have few Nutritional yeast recipes on my blog 🙂


Coffee machine

When I first went Vegan, I had the hardest time with my coffee, all the creamers I liked were out the door and I didn’t like vegan creamers, a good coffee grinder was a must for me!  And if you’re like me then you simply can’t do without is a good quality coffee grinder. You can make different blends of coffee with them and its so much easier to drink it black! No creamer or milk needed!

Also coffee has such a strong and robust flavor it is good to use in dishes for added depth. You can use it in anything from chili to cakes, so no one can accuse you of being a boring vegan.


Tofu is an amazing item that new vegans just shouldn’t do without. Silken tofu can be blended in smoothies and baking in the place of milk or cream. While normal tofu is amazing when marinated overnight and then cooked. It works especially well in Asian food like stir fries and curries.


Vegan Makeup


Cruelty free & Vegan makeup ensures that no animals are harmed during the production of the items. Also that no animal by-products are used in the recipes for the blends, I like knowing that no animals were harmed or had to die for me to feel beautiful!

Vegan makeup is fortunately widely available and popular now. You can buy pretty much buy it anywhere, even at the grocery store. There are even subscription boxes like Vegan cuts or Orglamix which are awesome at introducing new vegans to cruelty-free and vegan items.

Alright guys, It’s not so hard to transition to this lifestyle! Hope you enjoyed this blog and gor something out of it.

Love & Peace


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