Must Have Appliances Every Vegan Kitchen Needs

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More and more people are looking towards vegan diets as a way of becoming healthier and fitter. A vegan diet is rich in vitamins B1, C, and E and will also ensure you have lots of folic acid, magnesium, and iron. If you are thinking of becoming vegan to help lower your cholesterol, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and eliminate saturated fats, then you have come to the right place. But if you are new to the regime it can also be a bit daunting knowing what you need to execute all the delicious recipes on offer. So here is a list of the must-have appliances every vegan kitchen should have.

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I use my blender everyday! The blender is the pièce de résistance in a vegan’s kitchen. Using a blender will enable you to make myriad smoothies, hummus, sauces, pesto, shakes, raw soups and nut milk. You will want to choose a high powered blender with a great motor and a sophisticated range of settings. Read a detailed explanation and reviews right here for a guide on how to choose the best blender for your needs. 

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Food Processor

A food processor is also a must on your list as it’s great for cutting vegetables, making hummus and creating raw pie crusts.  You might not think you need both, but you do! A food processor is used for chunkier ingredients such as pizza dough, salsa, and puddings. A blender is great for all those vegan recipes that require chopping, grinding and shredding of ingredients.  I love making raw brownies in my food processor ( recipe to come) 


No vegan kitchen is complete without a juicer. Making your own juices is a huge part of a vegan diet and the health benefits are immense. A juicer does what a blender can’t. It removes the fiber from your fruits and vegetables, so you are left with the perfect consistency for a delicious fresh juice. Raw vegan juice recipes ensure you get all the nutrients you need from fruit and vegetables in a small amount of time, you need to get those Green in!  Benefits include an increase in energy, a body detox, and a healthier complexion. By using your own juicer, you’ll also guarantee there are no added sugars or preservatives in your drinks.

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Oh, the spiralizer sounds like so much fun, and it really is! This is one really affordable kitchen tool that can create great looking vegan meals in minutes. Spiralized vegetables are the ultimate pseudo pasta dish. You can use this gadget to spiralize everything from potato to zucchini and carrot to butternut squash. It’s the perfect tool for creating veggie pasta/noodle dishes with added pizzazz.

Rice Cooker

As you can see on my blog, almost all my recipes have rice in them! If you’ve never used one before, it’s time to make the rice cooker your new best friend. Despite its name, there are many delicious recipes you can execute in a rice cooker. Not all rice cookers are the same, though, so make sure to choose a high-tech one. What can you cook? Think mushroom risotto, vegetable stew, and yummy oatmeal, and you’re halfway to discovering the delights a rice cooker offers. A rice cooker is also great for steaming vegetables, cooking beans and chickpeas and making soups and chilis too.

alright guys, get out there and get yourself some new toys and make some exciting vegan recipes 🙂

Love & Peace

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