Kitchen Accessories That Make Vegan Cooking A Breeze


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In the modern world, more and more ways to make life easier come about every day. From cars which drive themselves, to beds which can warm themselves to the right temperature, over the coming years, human life will become a breeze. Now that we are moving towards a more plantbased and natural lifestyle, it’s only natural that we are starting have more home cooked meals and the only one area of the home really matters; the kitchen. This room is one of the most-used in a lot of homes, and cooking is one of the more complex tasks you’ll be doing in your free time, especially if you are trying to cook a nutritious meal for your family, so here are some tools that make life a little easier!


  • Sous-Vide


Sometimes, to make your life easier, it’s best to take the job out of your hands entirely. although most people think the Sous-vide is a method of cooking is only good for cooking meat or steak, that could not be further from the truth.  this method involves placing food in a vacuum-sealed bag and boiling it until it’s cooked, I love cooking my vegetables this way especially Bok Choy or any root vegetables,  infuse alcohols or also great for pickles, or precooking veggies then freezing them, this method helps the food maintain its nutritious value, you can find some vegan/vegetarian meal inspirations here.

 The modern tools which have been designed to do this can be controlled using a smartphone, enabling you to simply put your food in a bag and let it cook itself. Machines which can do this are inexpensive, giving you a great way to cook food without any effort.


  • Forever-Sharp Knives


I don’t now about you, but when I am preparing my vegan meals I could be int he kitchen chopping for a good half an hour! Like any other tools, the knives in your kitchen should be getting routine maintenance to make sure that they are working well. Of course, you will be cleaning them after each use. But, along with this, you may also have to sharpen the blades of your knives, if they are metal. Ceramic options don’t suffer this sort of issue, holding their edge forever. Before buying something like this, it’s worth looking at a ceramic knives review or two. This will give you a good idea of your options and the differences between them.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 8.53.34 AM.png


  • Teflon Coatings


When you’ve just enjoyed a big meal, the last thing you want to be doing is spending your evening washing up, this can be especially tough when you are living a HCLF (high carb low fat) lifestyle, not using oil has plenty of advantages but your pots and pans are going to be harder to clean sometimes . A lot of vegan options, like lentils and pulses, can create very sticky meals. To avoid a nightmare with this, choosing pans and pots with good coatings can make life much easier. The best coatings are Teflon and enamel.


  • A Coffee Machine


Last but not least I just like to have a good cup of environmentally friendly coffee in the mornings. A lot of people love to start their day with a fresh cup of coffee. Of course, making a coffee isn’t exactly cooking but it can take a long time. Pod options, which enable you to create coffee from small packets, are very bad for the environment. So, instead, it could be worth looking into a filter coffee machine. Modern options range in features from timers to being able to be controlled by a smartphone.


Hope you enjoyed this post!

Love & Peace




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