The Wacky World Of Plants

Being a vegan, we all know how incredible plants are and their amazing influence on not just us but also on the whole world. We can sit back and admire their beauty, eat them and get healed by them amongst other things. It is essential that we take good care of them like they strive to take extra good care of us because let’s be honest we wouldn’t be able to live without them would we?


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Everything we eat involves plants. For example, carrots come from the roots of a plant, rice from the seeds, lettuce from the leaves and fruits like bananas and apples. Not only this but they provide spices like cloves and cinnamon as well as coffee seeds or tea leaves for our early morning wake up call. Eating and drinking these things give us lots of energy to go to work or just generally live.

Plants can also heal us. A lot of medicines we use in the modern day world have derived from plants in particular the opium plant which produces morphine is used as a powerful painkiller in hospital as is aspirin, which comes from the bark of a willow tree. As well as medicine, plants also provide essential health protection. Latex derived from rubber trees is used to make rubber gloves and waterproof sheets. Moreover, if you’re not happy with your weight, you can use plant based products like Forskolin pills.


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If you cast your mind back to secondary school science, you will vaguely remember the term photosynthesis. Can you remember what it is? Well if you can’t, it’s the important process by which plants use the energy from sunlight to produce oxygen from carbon dioxide and water. And why is that important to us? Well let’s just say we couldn’t live without it. That’s how essential it is. Plants also benefit our water supply by helping purify it and making it drinkable for me and you. As well as this, they also move water from the soil to the air helping our atmosphere around us.

Plants clean the air in our homes and at work and as I said before are also a beautiful sight to see and that we admire them every day. Well all this admiring is good for us apparently as scientists have discovered that having plants in our proximity whether it be at work or at home are dramatically reducing our stress levels and making us calmer and happier each day.  Moreover, it has been confirmed that our levels of concentration, productivity and creativity also increase around shrubbery. So now we know Shakespeare’s hidden secrets!


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Finally, if it’s Saturday night and your noisy neighbours are having a loud party, another benefit of the wacky world of plants is that they are adept at absorbing noise so if you buy a load of plants, you’re always guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep.


love &  peace

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  1. love this post….I miss not having all my live plants around….its just not feasible to have them here if we are going to travel in the summer months…can’t take them with me….the silk are making it nice to have some green foliage around, but I do love house plants…..xxkat

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