You’ve Gone Vegan – Now Clear The Next Hurdle

Living more healthily is a laudable goal for anyone. And if you’re following a vegan lifestyle, then it should seem easier to live that lifestyle. We all have our reasons for not eating meat and using animal products. Most of all, we want to avoid cruelty to animals, but it’s also important to be good to ourselves. Yet, if we are honest, we know that a lot of vegans may have the eating side down, yet lack the rest.


What we do to our bodies is our business. Naturally, we have an empathy that makes us more likely to do whatever it is without hurting others. But the most important thing we can do, to make sure we get the best from a vegan lifestyle, is ensure we’re not undoing our good work elsewhere.

Especially for those of us who are recent “converts” to the vegan way, it can be tricky to look at the other habits we have critically. If you’ve given up meat, isn’t that enough? Well, while it is a good start, there are other things we can do – and you may find them hard to embrace, but they might enhance your life.

Time To Go Teetotal?

A glass of Chablis
Time to ditch the wine glass?

It’s not the greatest sin in the world to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine once in a while. And if your lifestyle used to consist of several beers and a burger, then ditching the latter is a significant change already. But let’s be frank – alcohol isn’t good for you in large amounts. And if you find that small amounts aren’t that much fun, maybe a clean break is best of all.

Put it this way – if you’re finding hangovers nauseatingly familiar, try going dry for a month. Evaluate how you feel and make a decision after that.

Smoking: You Know It’s Not Good For You

Cigarette smoking
Tobacco farming is harming the planet.

I’ll be honest, I used to be a smoker! If your reason for going vegan had to do with ethics, good on you. You’ve made a positive change. But if you find you’re still dependent on nicotine, think of it this way. Smoking is not good for the world around us. It contributes to deforestation, littering and an excessive use of pesticides.

One thing that helped me quit smoking was vaping, This Shoreditch Vape beginners guide shows an alternative way to get that nicotine hit without harming the planet.

Make Sure You Get Enough Exercise

There is a cliche, repeated often enough to make it more than tiresome, that vegans are weak. “Yes, try telling that to Daniel Bryan”, you may think. But a healthy lifestyle is only as healthy as you give it the chance to be. You don’t have to work out like a wrestler or an MMA fighter (yes, there are vegans fighting in cages too!). But getting exercise and fresh air are as important as diet in living well and feeling great.

Making changes in life can be daunting. If you’ve eaten meat for most of your life, you’ll know how tough it can be and how tempted you can get. But there’s the good news. You know that you can take on a challenge and win. Take the chance to do that again, and make your life even better.

Talk to you guys on Wednesday

Love & Peace

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