Food Related Items Vegans Cannot Do Without

Becoming a vegan is a learning process. You have to learn what you can eat, how to prepare items you might not have tried before and the best way to stock and run your kitchen. Here at we aim to help you with all of those things. In particular, this post is full of tips what you should have in your kitchen to make the transition a little easier.  

Here we go:

Nutritional Yeast

You can buy this in tubes of flakes from health food stores, and even pretty easily off the internet nowadays. When you open the packet, you will notice a strong savory flavor, which makes them the perfect addition to savory food snacks.

In fact, nutritional yeast is a key ingredient in making delicious meltable vegan cheese. With only the addition of a few carrots, some potatoes, and a little olive oil. This can be eaten with nachos, or as a fondue-style dip, or even as a topping on toasted vegetable sub sandwiches. Yum!

Good Knives

Good knives are something that no vegan can do without in the kitchen. Just remember that now the majority of your meals are going to be based around plant matter. So you really don’t want to be wasting time using poor quality blunt knives to prepare things. Hop over to this site to get an idea of what is on the market and what would match you needs the best.

Vegetable Stock

Stock is an essential part adding depth and flavor to any meal. You can use it to cook off the onions and spices in curries and chilies. As well as the base for traditional, and Asian soups like Pho and Ramen.



But it can be problematic for the vegan community. That is because of the rise in popularity of the new stock pots. They work great, but unfortunately, they contain gelatin which is made from animal bones, so is not suitable for vegan consumption. That means it’s a good idea to keep your eye’s peeled for a great vegan stock option like bouillon or cubes instead.

Burger Molds

They say we first eat with our eyes and then our mouths, and there’s definitely something in that. The way food is presented is very important. Especially when you are making a major change to your diet such as becoming vegan. Then it can certainly help to have attractive and appealing food.

To that end, gadgets like burger makers are a great investment. Burgers, sans meat, of course,  are a vegan staple. You can pretty much make them with anything like beans, potatoes, and lentils. But remember they always come out so much better by using molds and then refrigerating them. Remember too that the press help to hold them together as you can’t use any egg in a vegan recipe.

Garlic Press

Seasoning is essential in creating food that is not only cruelty-free, and healthy but also delicious. For too long vegan food has been accused of being bland and boring. But this has no real foundation in reality. Vegan food can be as exciting and delicious as any other type of cuisine. Especially if you used herbs and spices like chili powder and garlic.

Image link

You can get all sorts of garlic now. Pastes, pre- chopped, and powders. But the best by far is the fresh stuff. Although if you aren’t too keen on having the smell on your hand for days afterwards why not get a handy garlic press to help.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Happy Holidays

Love & Peace


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