Blueberry Heaven Smoothie

Hi Everyone!

I have a Smoothie recipe for you today! I actually have a lot of Smoothie recipes on my blog, and I basically have smoothies for breakfast every morning…

This recipe was kind of an accident because I ran out of my usual ingredients! and now I basically have it everyday!


All you need is:

– 2 Bananas

–  1 1/2 cups Frozen Blueberries

_ 2 cups Spinach

– 2TBS Chia Seeds

– 2 drops Chocolate sweet drop

– Cold filtered water.

– A Blender ( I use my NutriBullet with 32Oz Cup)

* make sure your Bananas are ripe for sweetness  & Freeze the bluberries over night 🙂

**NOTE: Chis Seeds are a rich source of Omega-3 , they are a necessity if you are on a plant based diet and they are easy to digest!  Chia seeds also fight wrinkles! Eating more foods packed with omega-3 fatty acids helps support your skin’s structure and reduces the appearance of Fine lines!

How To:  

  • Put  Bananas and blueberries, spinach and chia seeds, sweet drops into your Blender and cover with Cold water (32Oz) and BLEND for 1 minute. make sure to Blend well, so you do not get blueberry bits in there!
  •  ENJOY!!!

FullSizeRender 18

Hope you enjoy this delicious smoothie!

Have an awesome Monday 🙂

Love & Peace

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