Eggs from Backyard Chickens?

Hi Everyone!

Usually I do my reviews on Wednesdays, BUT I just watched a great video from Bite Size Vegan on Youtube, she always has very informative videos up and I have learnt so much from her!

Recently I have heard of the term ” Veggan” which I guess means Vegans who eat eggs….


The reason they eat eggs is because they believe the eggs are produced ethically and the Chickens are well taken care of… Β I think maybe a couple of years ago I would have been interested in “ethical eggs” or even eating them, but since then I have learnt to not take things that do not belong to me…

that might sound harsh to some of you who do eat eggs, I mean no disrespect… since I am assuming you are just not informed like me from 5 or so years ago… so this video is for everyone who thinks eggs can be ethical, natural or that they are nutritious and necessary… VegGan or vegetarian or otherwise…

I hope this video Β helps you see that chickens do not produce eggs for us, and we have no right to take their eggs… its really that simple…


thank you again Bite size vegan for this awesome video! please subscribe to her Chanel, HERE.. she is amazing!

love & peace

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  1. I really want to talk about dairy products .. I am a vegetarian who is trying to convert into a vegan.. Yeah I don’t consume eggs because in our country it is considered as non veg .. But cow’s milk is considered sacred.. I drink cow’s milk because my mom forces me to have it 😦 once I told my mom that I don’t want to have any milk products since I want to turn vegan . But she refused it … She doesn’t agree with the concept of animal thing should be wid animal in case of milk

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    1. I know where you are coming from, I still argue with my parents over Milk and dairy and etc… they see dairy products as necessary for health, protein, calcium and they really believe they are doing the right thing by forcing you to eat them… but I think all we can do is try to educate them on other more healthier sources of protein and calcium πŸ™‚ I think you have a lot more power than you think you do, no one can force you to do anything, even though it may seem like it πŸ™‚ hopefully your mom can see that milk is not necessary and not ours to take.

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  2. She tells me abt stuff that even she used to have cows as her pets … When the cow used to milk she first gave her milk to the calf and the rest of extra milk would be consumed by my mom’s family … One day my mom gave that extra milk to the baby cow and he suffered from stomach upset next day … So my mom thinks that we can drink cow’s milk since extra milk can affect baby’s health


    1. in the case of dairy cows, even in farms… that still doesn’t mean that we can take the milk from the animal for ourselves! Humans are not meant consume milk our bodies grow intolerant of it and we have so many people who are lactose intolerant, or even allergic to dairy! here is a useful article…
      we can try to convince ourselves its ok, but… if you really think about it, we are not meant to consume another animal’s milk!

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  3. I’ve thought about this a lot lately because there are a few houses on my street who keep chickens and I know they are happy, well-loved and well looked after, so I was wondering how I’d feel ethically about their eggs. You’ve helped me figure it out in my own head by phrasing it as “taking things from someone else” – thank you!

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