Split Pea Stew Over Rice ~ Vegan Recipe

Hi Everyone,
Happy Monday πŸ˜€ hope you all had a wonderful valentines day πŸ˜€ I shares bits and pieces of my day and what I ate on Snap chat, so follow me if you want to see my adorable dog Charlie and our vegan meals daily πŸ™‚ Username @jahanara.saleh, Name Veganneeds.
alright now on to my Monday Vegan Recipe! High carb and low fat of course, as I have mentioned I don’t ever cook with salt or Oil, I just use Lemon and good ol water πŸ™‚
Today I want to share another traditionally Persian Recipe ( Khoreshteh Gheymeh) This Dish usually has Minced beef in it… and I always thought that is where the flavor came from!
But when I made it the other day I realized the flavor was all there! and surprise surprise… no need for Beef!!! One of the main ingredients in this Dish is Split Peas and you can add potatoes in there too, I am calling this Dish Split Pea Stew and of course as always you serve it over Basmati or jasmine white rice πŸ™‚ Persian meals do take some time to cook (1-2 hours) , so be prepared!
Here we go
You will Need:
– 2 cups diced white onions
– 1 tbsp turmeric
– 1 tsp pepper
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp cumin
– 1 can diced tomatoes in their juice ( or you can Blend up the tomatoes for healthier option)
– 2 cups dry yellow split peas
_ 2 big cubed Potatoes ( you can also bake these if you don’t want them in the stew!)
– 2-3 dried Persian limes ( You need to get these from a Persian store/middle eastern store)
– 1/2 tsp saffron water (optional)
– 3-4 tbsp tomato paste
– 3-4 cups water
How To:
1. sauté onions in a splash of water until golden and softer.  You can add water as needed to keep them from sticking.
2. Add the spices in with the onion and continue toΒ sautΓ©
3. Add in all the remaining ingredients, make sure you punch in some holes in the dry lime with a fork and add Β the water, stir well… you can add the tomatoes paste after the water begins to boil or before!
4. Once the stew is bubbling, reduce to low heat, put the lid on, and let simmer for a minimum of two hours.
5. I love baking my potato and putting it on after, so I had a few fingerling potatoes I baked πŸ™‚
6. Serve with Jasmine or Basmati white rice and ENOY! I added some green onion sprouts on the side πŸ™‚
Hope you guys enjoy this recipe! A lot of people have asked me about the “Dry Persian Lime” replacement…. honestly, It will not taste the same without the limes! you can try drying your own limes if you have the time, but pretty much everywhere I have gone, I have been able to find a middle easter or Persian store that carries it πŸ™‚
~Update: just saw that Amazon carries the Persian Limes as well πŸ™‚ Click HERE to get it!
as always YOU’RE WELCOME!
love & Peace

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