The Nicest Way to Die!

Hi everyone!

alright… so I sat down again to write a review and well Bite size Vegan uploaded another video! It made me think of a conversation I had with someone the other day about cage free eggs, grass fed beef and Humane killing…

This video shows everything that I said to that person, most importantly that we need to stop justifying killing things by pretending it is ok, because it was done Humanely! the concept is absurd to me now… the word Kill and Humane simply don’t belong in the same sentence.

I know Bite Size vegan would want me to share this, so here it is… please watch it, I am sure it was a hard video to make… please share it and help others make the connection 🙂


thank you again Bite size vegan for this awesome video! please subscribe to her Chanel, HERE.. she is amazing!

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