Get a Natural Summer Glow with SVELTA TAN!

Hi Everyone!

Life has been busy lately! some of you follow me on my snapchat (@jahanara.saleh) and you’ve seen a few glimpses of things to come and what I have been up to! I have been at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah! and its been a blast 🙂 back now and will be posting regularly from here on out 🙂

I got the Svelte Tan, Self tanner a few weeks ago and was so excited to try it out! I have been having a really hard time with self tanners!! and spray tanning?… AWKWARD and not always that fun!


haha! ok so spray tanning is not THAT bad but I hate doing it in the winter! because I have to wear lose fitting cloths after and its freezing and everything I OWN smells like spray tan afterwards!

well… I tried Svelte Tan for the first time last week and I LOVED IT! I have not been able to find a Cruelty-free and Vegan self tanner that has worked for me… so I am so excited to be writing about this product for you guys 🙂


Svelta Tan is not just a self tanner! It gives you a beautiful Glow AND it is also great for your Skin because of its natural ingredients such as: Sweet almond oil, camomile, Alo vera, Vitamin E, Camu came Extract and so many other natural ingredients that are essential for beautiful skin!  You can read in detail about the ingredients and the skin perfecting, slimming, toning and anti aging properties HERE ! 

SVELTA Tan has a very sleek design and come in a 50oz tube with a reusable Tanning Mitt which makes applying the self tanner easy and effortless!

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I usually get a lot of streaks on my skin from self tanners! but this Mitt really helps the product absorb and spread evenly on the skin! and of course you can always take the necessary steps to make sure you are applying the self tanner property!


  1. Make sure you exfoliate before applying the self tanner, Svelte tan also Sells a LUXE Body Scrub which is made with raw sugar and coffee!
  2. Apply the Tanner on clean, Dry skin with the Tanning Mitt with long vertical strokes.
  3. Let it dry before putting on clothes
  4. leave on for 4-8 hours ( before bed) for a beautiful natural glow!

Here are some before and after pictures of my arm!

the color does show up instantly on your skin and looks very natural! if you want it to be darker you can always apply more 🙂 You will not be orange with this Self tanner At all… it definitely has more of a bronzing, glow effect!

You can also use it on your face! I mixed it up with my face cream and it applied very beautifully! and I did not break out! and I have very sensitive skin!

The only thing that bothered me about the self tanner was the initial strong smell of it! but I didn’t really smell it anymore after it was on my skin and had dried… so make sure you put it on an hour or so before bed so that you do not get the smell all over your clothes and bed 🙂

The Tan lasted about 4-5 days for me before it faded away… you can also take steps to make sure it stays on your skin longer.. make sure you Hydrate your skin after showers and don’t scrub too hard while in the shower!



overall Svelta Tan is definitely my favorite self tanner.. Its cruelty-free, vegan, natural AND IT WORKS BETTER THAN THE OTHER STUFF! so what are you waiting for? head on over to Svelta Tan and save those bunnies 🙂

they do have a New Costumer Promo going on right now as well… you can get 20% off your purchase with Code NEW20

There you have it guys! hope you enjoyed this review. as always I was not paid in any shape or form to write a positive review, these are my honest opinions about the product! The product was sent to me for review.

Thank you SVELTA Tan I am so happy I found you 🙂

Love & Peace





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