LA FRESH Nail Polish Remover, Eco Friendly & A Must Have!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Thursday!! I am a little sick and loopy today! I don’t know why every time I travel I get sick 😦 stuffy nose and hopefully it won’t drag on too long 😉 but got to get my blog up for you guys 😀


anyway… in this time of sickness, I love to think about things that make me happy… and one of those things now and definitely during my trip to vegas was the LA FRESH Nail Polish Remover.

you might think… that’s a weird thing to get happy about.. its just a nail polish remover….


haha 😉

have you ever tried to travel carry on and just go somewhere for 2 days… checking bags in is a HUGE drag for me so I try to go carry on as much as possible…. but with the Fluid laws and all… its pretty damn difficult to take what you really need with you… lotions, hair stuff.. emptying things out into a little travel size bottle.. just to have it spill all over your clothes in your suitcase…


well… there were a few things I didn’t have to worry about on this trip… and they were all thanks for LA FRESH, I am writing about the nail polish remover right now… but I also took the makeup remover wipes with me as well… which were awesome!!! but that will be coming up in another blog 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.33.59 PM

SO why am I so Crazy about these little guys and I have put them on my MUST HAVE list?

These Nail polish remover pads come in these cute little packages and they smell awesome as well, the scene I got was the fresh tuscan orange scent… which makes moving nail polish a more pleasant experience than the typical alcohol smelling burning effect Acetone nail polish removers have…


LA FRESH Nail Polish Remover is Acetone Free, Cruelty-free, Highly natural and he pads are even compostable & Biodegradable!!!


just one of the pads removed the polish from all of my nails and SO EASILY and with no FUSS what so ever!!! I love love love this product so much! it makes me actually want to wear nail polish now 😀

This product is also fresh water-conserving and FREE of…

  • Paragons,
  • Sulfates, Triclosan
  • dyes, PEGS, Artificial Fragrances
  • Animal byproducts.

These Eco friendly pads are so awesome for traveling and just for everyday life honestly!! you can just throw a few in your purse , in case your nail polish chips…( which drives me crazy and makes me feel not put together) and use on the go…. it won’t stick up your finger, stink up the room or your life!!! need I say more?


regular Nail polish removers have ACETONE and ingredients that are harmful even if you breath it in… many of the ingredients have been linked to cancer amongst other things… please read my Blog on the harmful ingredients in your products HERE

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.27.43 AM

I really love LA FRESH for their overall philosophy and approach to making a difference in the world… by being eco-friendly and environmentally concious

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.36.49 PM

so there you have it guys… head on over to LA FRESH and get your selves some eco friendly nail polish remover, you won’t be sorry, trust me… the box that I have…each box comes with 20 pads 1..875 x 2.75 (4-7cm x 6.9 cm) only 10.99.. or you can choose a different Box and option 🙂

I am in no way getting paid to write this or from any of these links… LA FRESH was sweet enough to send me a few things to test out and I just love their products… they also have some awesome travel products that I will be writing about as well.. but please check those out too HERE

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.23.38 PM

They also have some awesome gift sets and whole sale items that you can browse through HERE

If you feel like you want to test out a sample Kit you can order one HERE or only 2.99 and it comes with a variety of skincare products 🙂

Save some bunnies… save your own life and the people around you…


thanks so much for reading guys 🙂 I hope you found this useful…

as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

love & peace

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