Vegan Needs Mystery Box GIVEAWAY 10 More days!!!

HI everyone!!!

I am back from vacation!!! I had a great time in vegas… saw a show…won some money… haha, well just a little bit,


but it was awesome and I actually picked up some things for my GIVEAWAY as well!! only 10 more days to enter, you guys are going to LOVE these boxes!!

please visit my original blog about the giveaway for the Rules and how to enter HERE

you have follow all the steps to be officially entered into the giveaway 🙂

love & peace

11 thoughts

  1. So your back from Sin City….the wedding was beautiful….they looked like a lovely couple…glad your home…can’t wait for the drawing!!!…kat you have any input on vegan protien capsules????


    1. I am back, haha! That was my wedding pics and me and my husband a year ago 🙂 we were just celebrating our anniversary ❤️ I have never taken protein capsules before… Just get my protein from good 🙂


    1. Well, you can get all the protein you need from veggies and fruits… If you need more protein you can get it from chia seeds as well… I have a blog on here of my top 5 sources of protein… Having said that… The world health organization recommends that we only consume 5 percent of our daily calorie intakes from protein… And it is literally impossible to be deficient in protein because as long as you are eating you are consuming protein 🙂


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