“Vegan Testing” the new Health Movement.

Being Plant-based or Vegan has a lot of rewards. You have more energy and you feel amazing knowing that you are taking care of the animals, the planet and yourself with the choices you made every day.


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It takes a lot of effort to be healthy these days, as a Vegan you notice ingredients and question what is really in our food. You start going to farmers markets and buy organic fruits and vegetables, cut out processed foods ( except for the occasional treat), track your daily calories, micros, and nutrition on sites like Cronometer and take the recommended substitutes like B12.

Veganism is now a health movement and It’s incredible how popular it has become in the last year. There are more plant-based restaurants popping up and more vegan-friendly aisles at the grocery store. Even the health professionals are starting to open up to the idea of their patients being Vegan and starting to recognize the effort and dedication their Vegan patients put into their own health. Gone are the days of avoiding doctor visits because the “V” word might come up.


Most recently HealthLabs.com, the online lab testing leader has come out with Lab tests they are calling Vegan Tests specifically for Vegans as well as tests for people who are considering a plant-based diet. These tests are designed to monitor nutrient levels in vegans, and look for animal-derived product allergies for those considering the vegan lifestyle.


Even though other than B12 we can get everything on a nutritious and well balanced vegan diet, it is still important to understand how we can improve our diet and educate ourselves about what we could be deficient in. As Vegans, there are things that our bloodstream may be more vulnerable to than meat eaters and as a result, different deficiencies may occur.

The Vegan Nutritional Maintenance PanelIs for those who are already vegan and looking to better their health by finding out their deficiencies. The panel contains 11 tests for possible nutrient deficiencies that are specific to a vegan lifestyle such as B12, Calcium or Iron deficiencies or high levels of folic acid.

If you have a friend who is struggling with their health and has been toying with the idea of going Vegan, you can introduce them to the Should You Be Vegan? test that tests for Meat, Poultry and dairy allergies. Your friends can choose from a Basic, Standard or a comprehensive test depending on how detailed and extensive their needs are. It’s a win-win situation, you’ll get your friend to commit to their health journey and the world gets another vegan.

HealthLabs.com also offers a variety of other tests they recommend or think are worth investing in. You can target your Thyroid & Lipid panels or just evaluate your body as a whole.



HealthLabs.com has over 4,500 CLIA-certified U.S. labs and you can use a search engine on their site to locate a lab near you. You simply order the test online and visit a lab in your location. After 1-3 short days, you will receive an email or text message and your results will be uploaded into your online account. The patient services team is also available to help interpret results if you need this.

The tests are all very affordable and you don’t need a referral from a Doctor either and insurance is not necessary.

All tests are available online at www.HealthLabs.com or by phone at 1-800-579-3914.

You can also get an Extra 25% off your lab order if you mention that you found out about the test from VEGANNEEDS.COM! 


I applaud HealthLabs.com for creating these test panels for vegans and those considering a vegan lifestyle. They are creating a more vegan-friendly world as a result and empowering vegans in the process.

Love & peace

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