Vegan Athlete Foxy Box Review!!

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited that there are so many cruelty-free and Vegan subscription boxes out there!

I found Foxy Boxes through youtube!! and saw that they offer a Vegan Athlete  Box option! HOW very exciting!!!!

Foxy Boxes was Created by Jess Ovalle Fisher and  inspired by her years of experience in the fitness and heath world.. The box focuses on Healthy products that help you perform better and reach your athletic goals! It is a monthly subscription box and Prices depend on what type of box or plan you choose, for a monthly Vegan box it is $29.99 Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.09.43 AM

well….. being a health freak and a runner/gym goer I just had to review this Box!!! and Jess and  her team were kind enough to send me their Vegan Athlete box for review!!!


This Box has SO MANY things in it… so I am just going to get right to it 🙂

  1. Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.35.39 AM
  1. Scoopie 

This is a handy little tool that helps you with scooping out your powder or measuring out other powdery or liquid foods into your bottle! My Husband uses Vegan protein powders in his Smoothie and he ALWAYS spills it everywhere… so this is very handy 🙂

and its always fun watching him use prink products! haha

IMG_4350 IMG_4351

2. Jumpstart Body Fuel 

( vegan coco chips Chocolate Bar & Orange Hint of coconut Apricot Bar)

These Energy Protein Bars were delicious and Unrefined… they were great for a boost of energy as well!

but aside from that.. they are Vegan, NonGMOm Dairy, Lowglycemicindex…

You can find these On Amazon or whole foods or visit


3. Jigsaw Health, Magnesium w/SRT

ok, this is a dietary supplement with 60 Tablets… I don’t really use supplements at all, and will have to research this a bit more… but basically it says on the bottle that releases Albion’s Premier patented dimagnesium malate gently into your body over an extended period of time. this highly absorbable magnesium in a sustained release form results in a product that provides all the whole health benefits of magnesium without the common digestive discomfort associated with nearly all other magnesium supplements!

Let me know in the comments if you have any experience with this product! I will post an update, since my Husband is trying it out…


4. RAWR Bar ( All natural Fruit and Veggie Snack Bar)

( Very Berry Kale & Super sweet Potato)

These were very Fun little Fruit and veggie Bars!!! I don’t think I have every seen Veggie Bars Before… these would make an awesome and very healthy snack for kids.. but also Adults as well!!! I really liked the sweet Potato one! the Berry Kale was too Kale tasting for me haha! I just don’t really like Kale! But super healthy and awesome pick Foxy boxes!


5. Hemp Hearts! ( Manitoba Harvest) 

I had gotten these in my vegan cuts snack box as well… and if you have been following my Blog you know I LOVE Hemp hearts and dump them in my smoothies all the time 😀 they are so so so so so good for you!! awesome Healthy pick Foxy Box!


6. Hemp Pro70 ( Plantbased Protein Powder) 

Made by the same company as the Hemp hearts above…I don’t use protein powders either! but this is a great Natural Plant based protein powder! ( vanilla Flavor) My Husband was super excited about it and it was probably his favorite thing in the box 🙂  safe ingredients as well with organic coconut sugar and Omega-3,-6,-9!


7. DANG Toasted Coconut Chips, 

these are a great treat… personally I stay away from things with saturated fat and fat percentage more than 5% per serving… and coconuts happen to be high in those things, but these are a great treat All Natural, Vegan, non-Gmo, Gluten free, Dairy-free No cholesterol and a good source of Fiber!

would love to use these as a topping for some of my recipes and nice creams 😀


8. CHIA black and white Chia Seed ( Portland Oil)

Another Great selection by Foxy Boxes!!! thank you soooo much! I LOVE CHIA seeds, they are a great source of  omegas, fiber, protein, calcium and Iron.. I always put these in my smoothies in the morning as well as some of my nice creams!!! they are SO GOOD FOR YOU!


9. Grateful Grahams Vegan Treats (original and chocolate) 

these were sooooooo delicious, the chocolate was my favorite… I was so excited to find these in the box, they were awesome  and a healthier choice for a treat! You can see the ingredients in the pic below! and the website as well! so glad I was introduced to this Brand! I was not expecting treats in my Athlete box! haha

IMG_4344 IMG_4345IMG_4343

10 .VoloVitamins wellness+Immunity

A Vitamine Mix for water!!! these are always fun to have around, I always drink atleast a Liter of water when I get up in the morning and sometimes the plain water is a little hard to drink and I add lemon… but was excited to get this and add it to my morning water!!!  it was a Berry Blend taste… Loved it!


11. Z-Z-Z Sleep ( Bioterra herbs)

Thankfully I have no problem sleeping! I am usually pretty tired and I barely get up at night… unless of course I am really nervous or excited or something.. but I have never taken a supplement for it… these do say they are Natural herbal, Gluten Free and Non GMO, and they say they relieve Occasional Sleepiness and promote a restful sleep…

Ingredients: jujube (seeds), Chinese Salvia (Root & rhizome), Schisandra (fruit), Turmric (rhizome)

IMG_4349 IMG_4348

12. Natural Aloha Pit Balm 

Natural and Organic Deodorant.

Alright… so… I love that Foxy Boxes are also sending out Beauty products! I was totally not expecting to have beauty products in my bag 😀 and I got really excited when I saw the Deodorant, especially one that says it is Natural and Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-free…

The first thing I did see on the container however was 100% Pure Bees Wax… which unfortunately makes it Not vegan, some vegans out there don’t mind using bees Wax but By PETA standards and mine this is an animal product..

I did contact the company and they did claim all their products are Cruelty-free and everything except their Aloha Lips is vegan… when I did reply with my concern regarding the Bees Wax in the Pit Balm I did not get an answer and have not heard back from them regarding this issue yet!

Foxy Boxes, I am really sorry this product is not suitable for your Vegan Box 😦 I love the idea of a Natural deodorant though and maybe an alternative can be found 🙂


13. MARCO100 (Flight Creme, Strechmark Creme, body Creme Boost)

I was so excited to get these in the Box and I had never heard of this brand before!!! the products smell absolutely wonderful and their site states that these products are Vegan and Cruelty-free

“Committed to offering a blend of advanced high performance skincare and pure potent botanicals with instant results keeping your skin hydrated, supple, firm and radiant night & day. Made in the USA, developed and manufactured exclusively in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility. We are paraben free, vegan friendly , cruelty free with a Michelin * Ingredient list.”

Can’t wait to try these for a few weeks and do a follow up! thanks Foxy Boxes for the introduction 😀

well guys, there you have it!!! Overall I was very happy with my Vegan Athlete Foxy box, It can be really hard to determine what vegan really is sometimes especially when companies claim to be vegan when not certified… and it happens SO MANY TIMES!

Thank you Foxy Boxes and Jess for sending me this awesome Box! I am so happy that you are offering a vegan friendly Box and I am so excited to see your company grow 🙂


Hope you guys enjoyed this review and check out Foxy Boxes at   They have other options as well that may fit your lifestyle…

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.09.23 PMThank you guys for reading… as always I am not sponsored or paid to write this review, but Foxy Boxes were kind enough to send me this box to try and write an honest review for you guys!

as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

Love & Peace


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