Not Chick’n & Not Beef ~ Simply AMAZING!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Saturday… I usually don’t post on Saturdays but I was honestly so Impressed with these Edward & Sons  Not Chick’n & Not Beef Natural Bouillon Cubes ( Vegan Obviously) that I had to Stop what I was doing and  share a Quick Blog about them!


They will even satisfy Ron Swanson 😉


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alright… so back to the wonderful Edward and Sons… I have been so in love with these  Natural Bouillon seasoning cubes! The other day I used the Not Beef Cube to make myself some gravy for my mashed potatoes…

All I did was boil 1 cup of water with mushrooms and add in one Cube of the Not Beef products!! you can add in some non dairy milk to thicken it up as well… and well it was just amazing!!!

I used the Not Chick’n in vegetable soup I made the other day instead of vegetable Broth and it was amazing as well!! just cut up a bunch of veggies and dropped one of the Not Chick’n cubes in and SO MUCH FLAVOR!



You guys have to give these a try… best part is they are all Natural, No Trans Fat, Gluten Free and of course Vegan and you get Eight cubes in each box!! for less than $3!

I can’t wait to make more hearty  Vegan winter soups and stews with these Flavorful little Cubes that give you that familiar taste without the Cruelty and guilt 🙂


there you go guys… go look for these at your local Whole Foods, Sprouts or natural market 🙂

If you cannot find these in your local Grocery store or in your Country, iHerb has Not Chick’n  on their online store as well 🙂

Alright Guys have an awesome Saturday …. don’t forget to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! 


Love & Peace




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