Huge iHerb Haul, Vegan and Cruelty-free Products!

Hi Everyone!

Alright instead of a DIY today I am doing a Huge iHerb Haul which I am super excited about! I got some vegan  food/snack items and some Vegan and cruelty-free beauty products from this amazing site and got my box a few days ago! christmas has already started 😀


If you have never heard of iHerb you have been definitely DEFINITELY missing out… I was recently introduced to this online company and it is a beautiful thing…


iHerb is an online retailer that sells products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle… In my case I could pretty much find all the vegan products that I love on this site, and some of them are even cheaper than buying in the store! so you can expect huge discounts as well…

They have a variety of  vitamins and supplements and natural foods! They even have a big ( over 2900) selection of  Vegan and Cruelty-free beauty products!


Because I live in the U.S and spent over $20, I got FREE SHIPPING! iHerb also ships to over 180 countries… which is awesome for those of yNDG761ou who have been asking me where to get Vegan products from!!

If it is your first time shopping here you can use the code NDG761 on their site ( in the orange apply rewards code field at checkout) you will get $5 off your order!

so go Register at iHerb and Save some money! I got pretty much all my stocking stuffers from here!

Alright now onto my HUGE HAUL! here we go!


yes they do have E.L.F products!!! I feel like very time I go to target or Walmart they are out of my favorite E.L.F products! this is probably the cheapest vegan and cruelty-free Brand out there and I love this lip liner 😀

IMG_5188 2


I actually always wanted to try the E.L.F Matte Lip color, but could never find it anywhere… so I will try it out and let you guys you what I think in an update Blog next week 😀



If you care AT ALL about your under Eye Concealer… you need to buy this makeup item… it is absolutely remarkable and for $3… I don’t even know what to say.. just get it and thank me later 😉

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alright… so I have always wanted to try the EcoTools sets… I actually got this to give to some one as a gift… Ecotools is cruelty free and vegan and iHerb was having some sort of discount for this item:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.45.27 PM


Yes Pacifica is also on iHerb!!! YAYYYY… Pacifica is also a 100% cruelty-free and vegan brand which I ABSOLUTELY ADORE! I have been waiting to try their skincare so I purchased this.. I will update you guys on how I like this product in an update Blog next week 😀

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This item has made it to my favorites a few times now… hands down the best facial wipe I have ever had… will be ordering this in bulk from the site 😀



Alright.. now onto some food and snacks 😀

I have written a whole Blog on Edward and sons which is a great natural company! these are my favorite crackers and I can never have enough! they are unsalted since i do not use any salt in my diet… and delicious 😀

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If you read my smoothie or nice cream blogs, you know that I use this item religiously! I first found out about it from Freelee the Banana Girl on Youtube… and I have been addicted ever since 😀 just a tiny drop adds so much flavor! they also have chocolate, mint and many more! try it its awesome!


I use this Raw Tahini in my salad dressings and it is delicious 🙂 as most of you know I do not use oil so this is a great way to add some thickness and texture to your dressings! stay tuned for my favorite raw salad dressing next week 😀


B-12 is a must if you are vegan… so please take it every day 🙂


My husband wanted to try these and they always seemed so overpriced to me!!! so FINALLY found these for $10.39 ( normally around $16-$20) I am putting these in his stocking  😀 will update you guys later how he likes them… FYI they are supposed to help with Energy levels, eye health and overall mood 🙂


can’t live without my dose of coconut sugar! I use this instead of white sugar in my recipes ( don’t worry it doesn’t really taste like coconuts at all)  it is a much healthier alternative to processed white and non vegan white sugar! this is also non-GMO and Gluten free 🙂


Gluten-free people… buy this today! you’ll love it! I use this overtime I make my vegan Alfredo… it is delicious 😀


I have been using Hemp hearts a lot in my smoothies and salad dressings!! it is so good for you and adds in a creamy texture without the “cream” this is the best deal I have ever seen for  this huge bag of Hemp Hearts ANYWHERE… only $13 and with some savings it came to $11



I love Larabars… they have minimal ingredients and I feel awesome after eating them… so these mini larabars are awesome for me to throw in my purse when I am out and about… I especially love the Cherry pie one! it is so delicious!!! there is also Cashew cookie and apple pie in this box.. and you will not believe the taste of these.. Uhhhh I am gonna go eat one right now 😀

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Got this to put in my Husband’s Stocking! he loves loves loves sea Salt dar chocolate 😀


There you have it guys!

I had a great experience with this online company… so many great discounts.. easy check out and pretty fast shipping!! I ordered right before thanksgiving so it took a bit longer, but still pretty fast for free shipping and the amount of products I had! I got two separate shippings but most of the stuff were in the same box and all breakable material wrapped carefully to avoid damage 😀


Alright guys, don’t forget to use the code NDG761  to get $5 off your first purchase, Happy shopping! and YOU’RE WELCOME!

Thanks to iHerb for the wonderful service and their contribution and passion for their customer’s health and wellness 🙂 You guys are awesome!

Love & Peace

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    1. I know.. I went a little crazy haha 🙂 If it interests you I did see a banner on the site that said they are having Free International Postal and Flat $8.00 DHL for orders over $40…


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