Cruel Fashion!

Hi Everyone!

So I was gong to write up my Top 5 post for the day and I stopped by Youtube first to watch some videos…

well… I have literally been in tears for a few hours now and cannot bring myself to write my regular blog…

The reason.. being the the video I am attaching here…I think it is just disgusting what some people do for fashion… so please share this video and let others know that purchasing and supporting this is absolutely disgusting…

I know it is hard, but please try and watch the video to see just how big this problems is.

thank you guys, love and peace

13 thoughts

    1. I know It is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life…. Thank you for commenting, I am sorry it made you sad… But this happens everyday as long as there is a demand for fur πŸ˜” makes me sick

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  1. this is so cruel, sad an unbelievable! Lately, I have been more aware of the cruelty of the fashion industry, how they treat animals and also their workers badly! I totally understand how you feel ❀
    If you are interested, I recently wrote also a blog post about the fashion industry, you can check it out if you want πŸ™‚
    Lots of love xx

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