My top 5 favorite Vegan Snacks!

Just a quick post on my favorite snacks!


I have been eating very clean lately, which means I have been eating a lot of fast digesting foods during the day, My smoothie and blueberry bowls are packed with nutrition and healthy calories to give me energy during the day… but I need something extra to keep my tummy going.

The trick to maintaining a fast metabolism is snacking on healthy foods between meals, or simply eating more meals during the day!  Like I mentioned since I eat fast digesting foods, I like to have a few snacks here and there, so here are my top 5


  1. Trader Joe’s Just Mangos.

I am obsessed with these! I can’t get enough of them, no sugar added and like the package says , JUST mangos… these are the sweetest most delicious healthy snack out there.


2.  Kale Chips

Just sprinkle some garlic powder on a handful of Kale and pop in the oven for 10 -15 minutes at 250 F, you’ll have the crunchiest kale chips and SO GOOD FOR YOU! you can add some nutritional yeast on top if that’s your thing 🙂


3.  Grapes

You might think this is a boring one! but seriously… there is nothing more delicious than a bowl of grapes. nature’s candy and you’ll oddly feel full after a handful of these little beauties! take your pick, red grapes, cotton candy etc.


4. Sliced apples with date sauce.

alright this is a bit more complicated… but not really!

All you need is a red apple, sliced sideways and 4-5 dates. just pop the dates into a food processor ( make sure you de-pit first) with a little bit of water and you’ll have yourself a caramel like consistency! and it really does taste like caramel ! spread it on your apple or dip the apple in the sauce and YUM!


If you add some cinnamon on top it will taste just like apple pie 😀

You can add more topping on there if you like.. coconut flakes or even chocolate chips if you wan some extra sweetness 😀


5.  Avocado toast.

This is my go to when I need something a bit extra!

All you need is half an avocado, Slice of bread and a tomato.

spread the avocado onto your toasted bread and slice the tomatoes on top.. just beautiful. I love to sprinkle some Himalayan pink salt on top and that just hits the spot 🙂

I like to add some nutritional yeast on top for extra flavor sometimes too, but it tastes just as delicious without 😉




There you go guys, hope you like these snack ideas… a balance of healthy and savory to keep your metabolism going, see you on Thursday!

Love and peace.

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