OSEA Skincare Routine- Vegan & Cruelty-free

Hi Everyone!

Happy Review Wednesday! Hope you are having an awesome week so far 🙂 There was even more snow here today, and I actually slipped and fell pretty bad this morning 😦 nothing broken just a few bruises!! but hey at least the Groundhog didn’t see a shadow… so you know what THAT means …


haha! Seriously though… can’t wait for Spring and summer.. all this ice and cold is leaving my skin dry and flaky!

Today I wanted to go over my skin care routine with you guys, I found out about a skincare company called OSEA through a cruelty-free list a few weeks ago and really wanted to try their products for you guys (and for myself).


It is such a pleasure to write about a company that values safe health and produces Chemical free and High quality Beauty Products! OSEA was the first company to sign the Compact for Global Production of safe health and Beauty products in 2002.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.44.47 AM

OSEA products are also free of so many harmful products found in other skincare products, you can read more about it on their site HERE.

Its so great to know that I am not putting all of that on my skin and my product is Pure and High quality!!

I recommend speaking with someone before you purchase products for your skin, these guys really know how to help you with your skin type! I let them know that I have a combination Skin (oily T-zone) but I do want something that Nourishes and does not dry out my skin…

Usually when I purchase skincare meant for a combination skin, I always end up with dry skin… I absolutely hate the feeling of tightness and not being moisturized! But the search is finally OVER!


Its been a few weeks now since I have been trying their Ocean Cleaning Mud & Atmosphere Protection Cream and I am just LOVING these products!

FullSizeRender 5

I use the  Ocean Cleaning Mud about 1-2 times a week at night before bed since I have a combination skin.. if you have oily skin it is recommended that you use it daily! but I found that 1-2 time a week is perfect for my skin type!

Now.. this cleanser has a VERY strong smell, The base of this cleanser is a blend of seaweeds with a hint of Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil.

When you first apply it to your skin, there is a tingly effect, I just feel this product working on my skin as I am massaging it into my pores! I noticed an instant freshness the first time I used this product and it just keeps getting better and better!

The Ocean Cleaning Mud Hydrates and exfoliates and as it promises, it definitely enhanced my skin tone and just overall appearance! I don’t really have a lot of acne… but I  have noticed that I did not break out at all since using this! AND I got a few complements on how lively and fresh my skin looks!!! AWESOME!!!


Now onto the second part of my skin Routine, the Atmosphere Protection CreamAs I have mentioned before, I have been searching high and low for a face Moisturizer that controls blemishes but does NOT dry out my skin… if you have combination skin like me, you know exactly what I am talking about…

well… I can honestly say I finally found one that works for me ! 🙂

FullSizeRender 2

I have been using this on my skin Every morning and Every night for the past couple of weeks! I love how Lightweight but moisturizing this product is! It just leaves my skin satisfied! I don’t know how else to put it! the great thing is that although it moisturizes, its not oily or sticky afterwards.. it has a matte, silky finish and it almost locks in moisture into your face! so its just awesome to use before bed and over night 🙂

Like all the products, the base of the  Atmosphere Protection Cream is also seaweed which is why it is SO lightweight! and it also cintains Vitamin E which strengthens collagen and increases elasticity!

My only complaint about this product is that it takes Quite a few pumps to get the product out of the bottle and in very small amounts! it might just be my bottle though.. not sure!

so lets recap… What significant changes have I noticed over all?

  • I have had no breakouts for last few weeks at all!
  • My skin feels smoother and incredibly Hydrated! even with the dry weather!
  • surprisingly I have noticed less Black heads on my nose! which is also awesome!
  • My Foundation stays on much smoother and longer than before!!
  • been getting lots of complements on how lively and fresh my skin looks!
  • I also LOVE the packaging… the frosted glass containers are just beautiful!

JPEG image-6C4B85227AEF-1


I am going to continue with my skincare Routine and will post some pictures for you guys soon! I do have a bruised nose right now, so its not a pretty picture! haha

Thanks to OSEA for being so Awesome and creating Pure, healthy and High quality products and giving me the pleasure of reviewing some of their products for you guys 🙂 Hopefully I will have a chance to review more of their products for you guys 🙂

All of the OSEA  products are Vegan and Cruelty-free… so you don’t have any excuses anymore people! Visit their site and SAVE THOSE BUNNIES!!


Once again I am not paid to write any positive reviews, these are my honest opinions!  I review items on my Blog so that you guys can be introduced to quality vegan and cruelty-free products !


Love & Peace








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  1. I love that I always learn about new products on your blog! These sound great. I have been looking to replace my apricot/blackhead exfoliating scrub with something more natural…do you have any suggestions? Also, i’ve been looking for a moisturizing face mask for combo/dry skin that I can use in the shower; preferably with a pump. This mud mask seems like it would be too drying. Any suggestions for that?


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