My Top 5 August Beauty Products!

Hi Everyone,

Top 5 MONDAY is here 🙂

I have had a couple of busy weeks so I haven’t been able to Blog everyday, but things are back to normal now and as usual I will have Blogs up everyday for you 🙂 August is pretty much over, so I wanted to share my Top5 August beauty products with you guys 🙂 and I have been LOVING a lot of things so top 5 is gonnnnaaaa bee TOUghhhhhh…


Alright so here we go 🙂

5. Pacifica Natural Lipstick


I have been wearing these pretty much everyday month!!! so creamy and very Pigmented, Checkout my Blog on this brand and get the details but I have not even tried another lipstick since I found these Beauties 🙂


4. One Love Organics, Healthy Locks!


I just wrote a blog about this… but this Dry Shampoo Powder has been a lifesaver this week… I have been so busy with hardly any time to myself and its make me look presentable when I didn’t fee so presentable… you know what I am sayin?


3. Leave in Conditioner & Styling Elixir;

Giovanni 2 Chic


Another MUST for this month! this leave in conditioner has seriously helped my hair.. I feel like my hair has life again and it feels awesome… will not be purchasing any other leave in conditioners any time soon… Read my Blog on this Product HERE


2. Pacifica Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.13.10 PM

I have been using this Palette every single day!… cheeks, eyes, lips.. highlights… everything!!! and been loving it! Check out my review of this Palette HERE it’s everything I have ever wanted a vegan and Cruelty-free Palette to be 😀


1. Giovanni’s D:tox 1 2 3 System Facial Care


Honestly guys… do yourselves a favor and pick up these cruelty-free and Vegan friendly facial care system!! I am not getting paid to write this… I am not sponsored by anyone EVER on anything, this is my honest and true opinion…these will just make you feel refreshed and your skin alive!  I use them every day! and loving itttt! Read my Blog HERE for more details on the 1 2 3 system!


Alright guys! there you have it my Top 5 Beauty products of this month 🙂 hope you get to try some of these out and love it I much as I do 😀


please share an follow me for more vegan and cruelty-free Beauty and recipes…

Love & Peace

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