Vegan Tuck Box Review!

Hi Everyone,

I came across Vegan Tuck Box on Social Media and I was so excited to find that they deliver monthly subscription Vegan food items and snacks! They are Based out of the UK… so even more exciting to get introduced to New brands and different tastes.. so I contacted them and they were kind enough to send me a Box for Review and offer you guys 20% off with a discount code through my Blog :)  ( read on for more info)


Vegan Tuck Box  Offers new and exciting Vegan Products, they do the lable reading so that you don’t have to 🙂

they offer a variety of Boxes, you can either subscribe ( and receive 10% off every month) or just buy a box! and you can cancel at any time!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.21.35 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.19.11 AM

Alright… They sent me the July box and…. let me just say there were some seriously delicious things in this box… I mean, I’ll tell you which ones my favorites were 🙂 there were some very “different” items in there as well.. haha, that I would probably never get on my own, but definitely interesting

The Vegan Tuck Box


  1. CARAMEL FIZZ ( 100% Natural) 

These were definitely interesting, I can honestly say I have never had anything like this before… Imagine a sweet and sour caramel Jelly in your mouth!!! haha.. they were definitely delicious, I loved how chewy they were and how satisfying and rich just ONE of them was haha.. definitely great for those little cravings 😉


 These little Treats were made in Sweden.. You can Buy these on the Vegan Tuck Box Site HERE

I think the company is called SugarSin Fabulous Sweets… and  they are All Natural , Vegan, No Gluten and no Palm Oil!!!

2. Flafel Mix ( Bio Organic EKO)

I am going to make these and take a picture of the outcome this week for you guys… but I thought it was great that a food item was in the box 🙂 I am really looking forward to trying this out.. This was from Austria and so at first  I could not understand the Label & Instructions, haha! then I realized the instruction are actually writtem in like 10 different languages on there, in tiny little sections… so NOW I can make them 🙂


These are Gluten-free and yeast Free and of course Vegan make out of Chickpea Flower & rice flower and include the seasoning in them.. be sure to check out my Instagram for a Pic of these later tonight 🙂

You can get these on the Vegan Tuck Box Site HERE

3. Montezuma’s Chocolate Buttons ( Organic) 

Alright guys… these were just WOW! my second favorite thing in this whole entire box… 58% COCOA Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons… these are so delicious, they are tiny little Buttons and they taste like dark milk chocolate to be honest!!! but of course they are Vegan! My husband and I were fighting over these and I Hid them from him.. hehe!! and such a big bag too!!

You can get these on the Vegan Tuck Site HERE


The ingredients in this were :Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Cocoa Mass 44%, Organic Sugar 41%, Organic Cocoa Butter 15% & Organic Vanilla. Thank you MONTEZUMA’S and Vegan Tuck box… I just found my new favorite Chocolates 🙂

4. 100% Apple & Blueberry Fruit Bar ( Perry Court Farm) 

This was a great little Treat! made just out of Apples and Blueberries, very delicious and sweet .. I would have totally thought there was sugar in there if I had not looked at the ingredients!! loved it!


5. Peeled Roasted Chestnuts ( Cholesterol Free)

Alright guys, sadly… I really didn’t like this one… I got really excited when I saw these and i wanted to try them when I opened the bag, it was really wet in there and the Chestnuts were just wet and raw and the texture 😦  but if you really love Chestnuts… here you are… I think i’ll cook with these, but defiantly not snacking on them any time soon :/


6. Home Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

MY #1 absolute Favorite thing in this box… you will not believe your taste buds! just wow.. so soft and crunchy and just… You will not believe that these are dairy-free!! just beautiful.. My husband’s eyes just opened up when he tried these! and we were both so sad when these little mini cookies were gone… absolutely 100% delicious..  and they were Nut-free, Whole Grain and  Gluten free and All natural! just wow… Healthy Treats that taste like the real thing!!!!


Check out HOME FREE, they have been featured on the Today show and in the u.s and available in Canada as well!! this is a great, safe and allergy free snack for kids or anyone really! so Excited and happy I was introduced to this product!!!

7. Gourmet Chocolate (essy & Bella Eton Mess )

This was one of the interesting ones for me, I wasn’t a big fan of this.. because the flavor and texture was a little too overwhelming for me… way too sweet and a little hard to bite off… I only took a bite and was overwhelmed… if you love super sweet taffy like texture, this would be great for you… I wasn’t a big fan :/

It is dairy free, Gluten-Free and Vegan.


8. Rice Coconut Reis-KOKOS CHOCO ( Organic Bio, PROVAMEL) 

This was very delicious, it did have a coconut taste to it, for those of you who are not a big fan of coconuts… the text was difficult to make out as I don’t speak the language, but It was made out of all natural plant based ingredients as far as I could tell.. very good chocolatey taste, rich but not overwhelming and I loved the cute little container… this would be great for kids!!


PROVAMEL is the company and you can checkout their site HERE! 

9. Goji Pumpkin Seed and Hemp Protein ENERGISE BAR ( Raw & Organic) 

This was another one of my favorites in the box! I loved that it was Raw!! and that it had Hemp in it!! and of course Goji is one of my favorites 🙂

You can get these on the Vegan Tuck Box site HERE

 check out their SITE HERE they have some awesome products…


10. Vegan SOY Jerky

I am not a big fan of Jerky… the texture is just yucky to me! so this wasn’t for me, and I am not a huge SOY fan… this did claim to have no MSG and no Preservatives… and well I did try it for you guys… cause i love you THAT much 😉 it was very moist and fresh and a little sweet as well, I think if I did Like Jerky I would enjoy it… but I had to pop my mouth full of those dark chocolates JUST to get over it… haha

You can get these on the Tuck Box Site HERE


11. Eat Chic

Last but certainly not least… we  had this little chocolate cup! I was really excited about this because it was made out of Almond butter ( I am allergic to peanuts) and I got to have my very first almond butter cup, my husband said it tasted very much like Reeses peanut butter Cups.. which I have never had!!! so delicious!!! and check out their site.. their stuff and packaging is SO BEAUTIFUL! EatChic Site


from their site:  eat chic is a new artisan chocolatier based in East London that puts a modern twist on the classic American chocolate peanut butter cup, using high quality British and organic ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial flavors.

Alright… there you go guys! Hope you enjoyed this review… I really enjoyed opening this Box and finding new and exciting treats from a different part of the world!!! it was definitely a TREAT for me 😉 thank you so much Vegan Tuck Box for sending me this box to try! I LOVED IT! I feel like I just traveled and tried a bunch of different Flavors! haha

If you are interested in this Box… here is some more info on it for you! and you can get your own at Vegan Tuck Box website!

**UK’s first vegan snack box scheme

-Single, subscription and gift boxes available
-Classic boxes contain 10-12 products mini boxes 5-6 products every month,
-Gluten free options available
-No need to wait for your box-World wide shipping throughout the month.
-Different products every month- but our boxes are 100% vegan and always will be!
-20p (around 30 cents) from each box is donated to Hillside Animal Sanctuary
-Its not just boxes- we also stock a fantastic range of treats sold individually in our online shop-
-Winner of Vivas Best New Vegan Food product award 2014

My 20% Discount CODE for you guys is  “blog20” just enter it at checkout to receive 20% off your  first box.

Disclaimer: I am not making money in anyway through this code or this review, I just thought this was an exciting opportunity to review this Box for you guys, so you can be introduced to new and exciting Vegan products and for those of you Outside the U.s who hate the expensive shipping frees… well here is another option 🙂 

Alright guys, thank you so much for reading and as always YOU’RE WELCOME 😉
follow me for more vegan goodness,

Till later…

Love & Peace

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