Hi Everyone,

Just a little quickie for Dinner tonight….

I was so busy today I barely had time to wash my face… no time to eat properly but then I realized I had gotten a little surprise in my Vegan cuts box…


Yes….. SOOOoo… I Got this SOOFOO Box in my Vegan Cuts Box last week and finally Got to make it… oh so delicious!!

it has  Long grain rice, lentils, Berries, Oats, Barley, buckwheat in it … so PACKED with awesomeness, Protein & fiber and well that is great for you!


I cooked it on the stove top with 2 cups of water for about 45 minutes and it was done 🙂

I also made streamed some mushrooms and carrots and spinach and then poured on a little lemon juice and cilantro on there for a little kick! not too fancy but it was healthy & DELICIOUS!



I did a whole review on my August Vegancuts Snack box, check it out HERE!


Love & Peace

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