The Perfect Vegan Dishes For Any Party!


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Whether you’re throwing a party or just attending it, one thing that any get-together needs is good food. However, it can’t just be good food; it needs to be food that fits the fun and friendly atmosphere of a party. Because of that, it can often be tough to figure out what to make. Well, in order to make your life just a little bit easier, here are a few fantastic, and totally vegan, dishes that are perfect for your next party.


Vegan Pizza

This one is especially good for hosts who want to make sure all of their guests are well fed. Making the dough for pizza is often something that people are pretty worried about, but it’s actually very easy to make a no rise pizza dough in less than twenty minutes. Then you just need to that over with a simple tomato sauce (don’t worry about herbs and seasoning on it, the simpler, the better) and a sprinkling of amazing vegan parmesan and you’ve got yourself a perfect pizza pie. If you really want to get that traditional Italian feeling from it, a pizza stone from a company like is the ideal addition to your kitchen. Your guests will be climbing over each other to get a slice.


Vegetable Tempura

Now here’s something if you really want to inject some class into your party. Vegan tempura are absolutely for taking the idea of party finger food and really taking it to the next level! The great thing is, once you’ve made the batter, there isn’t much of a limit to the kinds of vegetables that you can use! From cauliflower to zucchini to green beans, you can create a fantastic platter with ease that it guaranteed to go down a storm at any party.


Spring Rolls

Who doesn’t love a taste of the east! Anyone with a love of Chinese food knows just how fantastic spring rolls can be and a plate full of vegan spring rolls is almost guaranteed to be stripped bare faster than you can say “bon appetit!”



Get ready for a chorus of “vegan cheesecake! How!?” from your guests when you serve them a slice of this amazing desert. The truth is, while it might be a bit of a strange thing to say, there are plenty of different vegan cheesecakes that are so delicious many people can’t even tell the difference. Using Coconut milk, cashews, and dates for their creamy texture and sweet flavor, whether you’re a fruit fan or you want something chocolatey and decadent, there’s a vegan cheesecake out there to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The best thing about all of these dishes? With the exception of maybe the pizza, you can make them all the night before! In fact, you can even make the dough the night before as well. That way you can spend the day of the party worrying about more interesting things knowing that the food is fully taken care of!


Love & Peace

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