Growing Fruit And Vegetables The Easy Way.

It’s a growing trend, and why not? The importance of looking after our planet has never been more vital. The importance placed on looking after our bodies and our minds is appearing more and more to start from a plant based diet. And films like What The Health have shown recently the health benefits we can all get from eating wholesome, nutritious foods rather than relying on ready meals and meat products. In a bid to battle the ever rising costs of organic fruits and vegetables a lot of people are taking to grow their own produce. This is something that can be done by the average person, but it does take a lot of resilience. So where’s the best place to start?

Start Small

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This cannot be emphasized enough, if you are brand new to gardening, you need to start out small, so it can be managed properly. You don’t want to be trying to grow every type of vegetable to find out that none of them are growing properly, so it’s best to start with a couple of raised beds, no more than 4 feet by 8 feet, or one bed that is 10 by 10 maximum. The trick when starting out is to find ways to remember to pick and to use your produce on a regular basis. But also to give your garden that love and attention it needs, so it’s best to place your mini garden close to the kitchen door or next to a little path that you use every day.

Getting Your Produce To Grow

Everyone has their own advice on how to do this, but the common consensus is that container gardening is one of the best approaches. A lot of people are going for the LED light approach to growing produce, such as LumiGrowth, which makes growing plants and produce easier if you are limited on space, as well as lacking in sunshine. But for a lot of people who don’t have the time to build their own raised beds, container gardening is a safe starting point. This is because many vegetables grow well in compact containers. When it comes to container sizes, bigger is most definitely better. But it’s also important for you to get good quality potting soil, as garden soil won’t work by itself, as it will cause your plants to suffer.


Keeping Them Growing

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For a lot of vegetables, all you need to do is to trim and prune them on a semi regular basis to make sure that they will keep growing throughout their prime season. For a lot of greens, like spinach or lettuce, you can harvest them many times during the harvest season by snapping off the outside leaves so the center of the plants will continue growing.


Don’t Leave Anything To Waste!

Waste not, want not! You need to make sure that you use everything you grow! There are many different ways to make the most of your vegetables, you can freeze them, or pickle them in brine, or use them as fresh, healthy salads throughout the whole of the year. You will notice the difference in taste automatically, as there are so many pesticides in standard supermarket produce. If you want to start growing your own produce at home remember to start out small, and as time goes on and you become more comfortable and used to the climate, you will begin to grow a fabulous, and healthy, garden!

Love & Peace

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