How to Throw a Vegan Party!



Throwing a party is an art. Well, maybe not an art, but it’s a talent and not everyone has it. Depending on the type of party you’re having, you should be able to throw together the basics just by imagining what you’d like for a party if someone were throwing one for you. When it comes to throwing a vegan party however, it can get a little more complicated. You have to make sure your menu is spectacular and aims for both plant-based eaters and meat-eaters alike.

For most people, the party food and entertainment will always depend on the theme, so working that out is your first step. Your theme will decide the decorations and the entertainment. It’s going to be inappropriate to throw a birthday party and then have baby bunting hung up so think about what kind of décor you’d love to see. Choosing eco-friendly decorations and utensils can help to contribute to the environment.

If you want something beautiful, why not source natural wildflowers to decorate or vegan candles dotted around the room? there are so many to choose from these days!

Is the party you are planning formal or informal? There are so many questions that arise based on the theme of your party.


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The next step is the food.

If you’re throwing a christening or a naming ceremony, you’ll be thinking of colours depending on the gender of the child (for the most part).Sometimes guests love to bring a plate, which is lovely so make suggestions of beverages and dishes that they can bring that are vegan friendly. You can even make a home make a birthday cake that caters for those who are gluten and grain free. Make a fresh fruit ‘cake’ that is made entirely of raw foods to appeal to all. An evening get together usually just means throwing together some nibbles to go alongside drinks. Either get your creative hat on and start making lists of ingredients so you can cook your own buffet and party food, or hire in Your Private Chef to really create a winning party food menu.

You should also remember that while you may be hosting the party, that doesn’t mean you have to turn to Pinterest and do everything yourself from scratch. Have some help! If you are throwing a formal get together, hire in some waiters to offer drinks to your guests. This gives you a chance to mingle and see all your friends and guests at the party without flitting from one place to another. You can be the ultimate party planner and if this means having to fake it with outside help, then so be it. No one is going to judge you for wanting to enjoy the party you throw! Your favours can be in the form of homemade spice blends or snack tins filled with vegan fudge, veggie chips and dehydrated fruit. Informal parties tend to be far louder and more fun so sorting the music and dancefloor is a great way to get your friends unwinding and boogying on the dance floor.


However you see your party, it’s YOUR party and your vision. Be the ultimate party planner just by being yourself.

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Love & Peace

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