What You Wish You Would Have Known Sooner About Having a More Environmentally Friendly Home

We only have one planet to live on, so it is vital that we can take care of it as well as we can. One of the best places to start is in the home. There are plenty of changes that you can make, to make sure that your home is more environmentally friendly. I will just talk about a couple of them today.


If you live in a hard water area, you will understand what a frustration having hard water can be. It can cause more limescale and dirt around the home and mean having to use more washing detergents. When you think about the extra cleaning products or detergent used, it can be harmful to the environment. So a lot of people opt for a water softener to help their situation. It makes things easier around the home for sure. But can that also have a harmful effect on the environment?


If you have an older, salt-based water softener, then the chances are that it could be having a harmful effect. So if you have an outdated water softener, it could be time for an upgrade.

There are plenty of water softeners that are free from salt. So you just need to shop around and find some water softener reviews. Then you can find one that fits your budget and your needs.

If a water softener doesn’t use salt, then it won’t dump all of the salty water back into the environment. The extra salt can have a negative impact on marine life, as well as plant life. They can still deal with the effects of hard water, though. They are much more economical than their salt using counterparts. They provide less to hardly any waste water, as well as not needing you to fill them up with bags of salt. So that saves money and time as well. So they are a much better option all round.


One of the next things that can make a difference in how environmentally friendly your home is, is the insulation. If you have a cold home, you will want to keep reheating it all the time. Not only will that end up costing a lot of money but it will also have a negative impact on the environment.

So some of the first places to start are the walls and the loft. We all know that heat rises. So to keep it in the home, loft insulation is a must. If you don’t have loft insulation or it is old, look into it right away. It can make a huge difference on your heating bill. You’ll feel the warmth in the home straight away as well. Then think about cavity wall insulation. Heat can go through the walls in your home, so the better they are insulated, the warmer things will be.

jpeg-image-4620fe9296bc-1On a similar note, looking at how insulated your doors and windows are will make a difference too. If you have insulated your loft and walls but have single glazed, drafty windows, it is pointless. So consider getting them double glazed, to reduce your gas bill and environmental impact.

Love & Peace


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  1. Really enjoyed how informative this was but also with such a strong message. Have always wanted some simple tips to make my home more environmentally friendly so thanks for sharing 🙂

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