Tea Tree Organic Shaving Soap ~ Dr. Bronner’s

Hi Everyone!!!

Its that day of the week again…and really my favorite day, when I introduce you guys to Cruelty-free, vegan and natural products 🙂

So…lets save some BUNNIES!


I have been moving more towards all natural and organic brands recently and in my search for more natural products I came across Dr. Bronner.

What I really loved about them at first glance was their passion and attention to ethical sourcing, fair trade & Organic ingredients.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.05.07 AM

Their Mission statement is as follows:

“Dr. Bronner’s is a family business committed to honoring the vision of our founder Dr. E.H. Bronner by making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, and by dedicating our profits to help make a better world.



This mission statement is what drew me in immediately! I admire this company’s fight for a positive change in the world.

Some of the major causes they focus on and are concerned about include:

  • Organic integrity in personal care
  • Promotion of authentic Fair Trade
  • Re-commercialization of industrial hemp in the U.S.
  • Labeling genetically engineered foods (those containing GMOs)
  • Animal rights and protection
  • environmental protection
  • youth support programs
  • peace and human rights campaigns
  • anti-poverty initiatives
  • promoting social justice and equality at home and abroad.

I can go on and on about the wonderful things the company is doing to promote positive change in the world, but you can read all about their activism and their ethical sourcingfair trade & Organic ingredients on their site 🙂


Now on to the review of the product I received…

I received Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Organic Shaving soap a few weeks ago and I have been trying it out!

FullSizeRender 15

First of all… this is probably the biggest tube of shaving soap I have ever gotten in my entire life!!  at 7 Oz it is only $8.99


Does it work?

Yes.. yes and YES!

this shaving soap is SO moisturizing, and it leaves the skin very hydrated and smooth! It is of course made with plant-based and Organic ingredients, so there are no sulfates or fragrances or things of that nature to worry about ( sulfates actually dry out your skin)

One of the most interesting ingredients in the shaving soap for me was Sugar!!

As it turns out, Sugar is actually extremely good for your skin, because it literally pulls moisture into the skin and leaves it hydrated!!! guess I learnt something today 🙂 the sugar ingredient is actually what gives this soap a beautiful caramel color as well.

FullSizeRender 16

I am hooked on this stuff! and I am so excited that I found such a great company to share with you guys!! As I always say what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it because our skin absorbs so much of what we put on it.

I love the Tea Tree soap, they do have other shaving soaps as well, including lavender, peppermint and etc…

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.03.13 AM

They also offer a variety of other products ranging from, baby products to toothpaste and many more!

We have gone beyond saving Bunnies today! haha, we found a great product, a great company that care about creating positive change in the world 🙂

As always I’ll have to mention that I am in so way sponsored  by this company ( or any other company on my blog) , I did receive this product for review but in no way getting paid to promote or write a positive blog on this company, I just do this so that you guys get to read about more cruelty-free and vegan companies out there and have the choice to chose better for yourselves, the environment and the animals. 

thanks so much for reading! and thanks to Dr. Bronner’s for being awesome and sending me some of their wonderful products, I have a few more products from them that I am reviewing and will write about in the coming weeks.

Love & Peace



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