Graze Box ~ Get a Snack box for free!

I have a secret that I have been keeping from you guys… I don’t know how to say it, so I am just going to write it down… I LOVE TO SNACK! all the time, morning, day and night!!


Haha!  but a that doesn’t mean I can’t be a healthy one!!

I recently found out about Graze Box, a snack box that is delivered to you ( currently in the U.S)…

now this is not just junk food! The snacks are actually very nutritious! Full of nuts and seeds, dried fruits and other natural snacks!


They have SO MANY vegan options and over ninety tasty snacks! and Each 8 snack variety box costs just $11.99 including delivery!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.20.58 AM

I got my first 8 snack box the other day and could wait to dig into it! such cute packaging too!

when you open the box you see four snacks stacked on top of four more snacks! some of the nutritional facts are also printed on the individual snack containers themselves!! That is super handy!

For the first box I didn’t get to choose everything that was int here so a few items contained animal products, but not to worry the box comes with a sheet that contains all the Nutrition facts & ingredients! so even if you have an allergy, you can see what to avoid..( in general though if you have severe nut allergies I would avoid this box, because of cross contamination)

FullSizeRender 12

So what did I get in my Box?

Obviously I did not taste the none vegan items, I will be giving them away to one of my vegetarian friends. I did also get a $100 gift Voucher for!! how awesome!

and NOW  for the snacks.

FullSizeRender 13

Whole Grain Banana Caramel dippers. (contains Milk)

This was the only item in the box that contained dairy! so this is for my vegetarians readers out there:) on your other boxes you can chose from over 90 snacks!!

FullSizeRender 8

Herby bread Basket.

I am obsessed with bread… and dairy free garlic bread + herbs are always welcome! delicious! salty and crunchy 🙂


Soy Roasted Seeds 

Roasted sunflower, pumpkin seeds. These were so good! I love snacking on seeds and I usually go overboard! so this was a perfect amount to get the taste and not the fatty calories 🙂

Sweet Rhubarb Jam. 

dried apple and cranberries and rhubarb! this really did taste like jam all together!! very sweet! and a perfect amount 🙂

Pumpkin spice Flapjack. 

Probably my favorite thing in the box.. OH>>> MY>>>> GOD>>>>

sweetened with dates and a pumpkin spice mix! I am in heaven 🙂 and it was very soft not crunchy!

Honey drizzled cashews. ( contains honey)

I didn’t try this one because I do not consume honey

FullSizeRender 10

Vitamine E defense. 

hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, jumbo raisins, cranberries.

This was like an awesome trail mix! My husband was obsessed with these and stole them from me! haha

Sesame garlic crunch. 

You know I am obsessed with garlic… so yeah! these went pretty quick 🙂

How does Graze work???

When you signup for Graze you will receive a box either every week or every two weeks depending on where you live!

When you sign up to graze, you’ll be automatically signed up to receive a box either every week or every two weeks depending on where you live in the US.

I think this is a awesome Idea!! you can choose what snacks go into your boxes and it will make an awesome gift as well!

You will also be supporting a great cause, Graze gives back to the community through Their graze school of farming in rural Uganda! there they teach the community how to grow and harvest fruit from their own orchards! The students learn how to grow fruit for themselves and families and sell at the local markets and get a sustainable income!

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.27.25 AM

You can use the code VEGANNEEDS and get a FREE first Graze snack box! and there are no commitments to stay subscribed, you can cancel at any time, all they ask is a bit of notice since they do prepare the snacks in advance 😉

When you use my Code, $1 will be added to my account, which I will donate to the Graze school of farming 🙂

Thanks for reading and enjoy for free snack box!!

Love & Peace




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