P a r i s s a ~ Natural Hair Removal System

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday everyone! it’s officially spring and kind of summer!!! I know spring started almost a month ago but last week was the first week above the 60s here! WHOooooohoooo time to show those LEGS….


Before you read any further, you are warned.. there is some minor TMI involved 🙂

I have a love hate relationship with raisers, they are so quick and easy but I am never satisfied from the results and I have to do it more often!!! son’t even get me started on the ingrown hairs… I had been looking for an all natural, cruelty-free & vegan wax for ages! a few weeks ago I found Parissa, a Natural Hair Removal System Microwavable Warm Wax for Legs, Body and face!! 

FullSizeRender 30

I have always been intimidated by Wax, I used to use the strip ones, which Parissa also offers… but my hair is a bit on the coarse side and the strips do not always work for me 😦

The spread on wax at home kits always scared me! they always seemed so complicated! and the idea of spending hot wax on myself wasn’t exactly appealing!


well… I decided to give this one a go, and use the natural wax Coarse hair kit!

The Kit Contains:

  • 120ml wax,
  • 20 strips
  • easy to follow photo-instructions
  • 8 ml Azulene oil
  •  3 spatulas.

FullSizeRender 29

The instructions were included in the box and so easy to follow:

3 Easy Steps: 1. microwave wax 2. apply thin layer 3. zip off with strips!

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I would highly recommend speaking to someone from the company to determine the type of wax that fits your needs, the people at Parissa were super helpful and even had a list of questions for me to answer to determine what I needed!

  • What is your hair type?
  • What is your skin type?
  • What area would you be waxing?
  • Have you waxed before and what did you use?


I even got some tips from them on waxing!

·        Dust a little baby powder on your skin before applying the wax, it will create an additional barrier between your skin and the wax – which really reduces the “ouch” factor.

·        Work in small sections at a time, for maximum control and comfort. Especially in the underarm and bikini areas – remember these zones have lots of curves and bends in the skin, so you want to make sure you’re working on as flat a surface as possible at a time – translation, waxing over a bend in the skin could result in bruising.

And of course always remember that previously shaved hair is strong & resistant. so you should always Wait 1 week or until hair is 1/8’’ (1/4 cm) long before first use..

With all that in mind…I used this wax under my armpits and on my legs… I always have a really hard time with the armpits because it is so painful for me and  I have to do it in sections! even then, it doesn’t always all come off… so I have to keep redoing it and it becomes a sticky mess!

With Parissa, I did two different sections and ….hey… it did hurt…but all the hair came out on the first try!!! FINALLY! I only had to do this in three little sections on each armpit and I was done!!! it took me around 10 minutes ( mainly cause I was mentally preparing myself for the pain! haha)
FullSizeRender 28
Same with the Legs… easy breezy and afterwards I appealed their Azulene Oil to the area and DONE!
In order to test this out fully… I decided to wait and see how long it takes for the hair to grow back!!! I am AMAZED to say that it has now been 5-6 weeks or so, and my hair has just started to grow back!! this has never happened to me before and the hair usually grows back within 3 weeks!!!
I am so glad I found this company and I have a become a life long costumer 😀
If you are looking for a vegan and Curley-free company that has amazing waxing products, please check Parissa out! you won’t be sorry…
FullSizeRender 27
As a disclaimer, Parissa did send me this product to try out, but I am in no way getting paid to promote her products or getting paid if you buy anything from the company! I just wanted to share this awesome company and product with you guys 🙂
Hope you all have an awesome Wednesday!! as always YOU’RE WELCOME!
love & Peace

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