A girl’s gotta Spa! ~ Energizing Citrus Body Wash

Hi Everyone!

welcome to my Blog! Happy Review Wednesday to all of you and hope you are enjoying Veganuary (being Vegan in January)…… I never spell that right.. hopefully its right this time!


Today I wanted to talk about a product I have been testing out for the LONGEST time, I am really particular when it comes to skin products, mainly because I tend to break out very easily and well.. it can ruin my life… SO I took the time to make sure that this one did not break me out…

I am really excited to be reviewing the Energizing Citrus Body wash by A girl’s gotta spa!


I love the fact that A girl’s gotta spa is Cruelty-free and Vegan . Their products are also free of harmful chemicals … Like I have mentioned before, you should not put anything on your body that you would not put in it! our bodies absorb 60% of everything we put on it and we need to make sure that we are paying attention to the ingredients! there are so many toxic ingredients in the skin care products you use everyday! In addition to being bad for our health, these ingredients are also bad for the environment! please read more about it in one of my earlier blogs, Toxic ingredients to avoid  HERE.

The Energizing Citrus Body wash is free of

  •  Parabens (found in breast cancer tumors. may contribute to sterility in males, hormone imbalance in females and early puberty.
  • petrochemicals (Using them is likely a cause of the rise in cancers and neurological disorders)
  • Formaldehyde ( initiates and promotes tumor formation – See more here)
  •  Sulfates and synthetic fragrances or dyes… 

so already this company and this product are saving you from very very harmful chemicals that are present in many of the “popular brands”


I love the feeling of lathering up in the shower! but ever since switching to more natural and vegan products… lathering had become a thing of the past… the reason most body wash products lather is because of sulfates ( which dry out your skin and are very harmful for your health) even though The Energizing Citrus Body wash is free of Sulfates, it still lathers!!! giving me that familiar feeling with none of the harmful chemicals! 


This body wash smells AMAZINGGGGGGG! even without the presence of synthetic fragrances, it has a natural citrus… Orange… smell that leaves your skin smelling fruity and feeling extremely soft and fresh! I just want to smell it all day 😀

I Only had to use a very small amount to get it to lather up!

when I first got this product, I was a little scared to use it because my last body wash product broke me out really really bad…I thought the citrus was going to burn my sensitive break outs! but the body wash has a soothing effect on the skin because of the presence of ingredients like.. chamomile and aloe, so if you have skin sensitivities or inflammation.. this will definitely help your skin! it helped mine a great deal!


Bottom line I LOVE this body wash and I can not wait to try out more products from A girl’s Gotta Spa! they also have lotions and body scrubs that I want to try as well 🙂

head on over to  A girl’s Gotta Spa!  and check out their products! its the smart choice to make for your body and the environment AND you’ll save some bunnies 😀


alright guys, hope you enjoyed this review! as always I was not paid to write a positive review in any way, this product was sent to me for review but I am not making any money from the company or the brand what so ever, these are just my honest thoughts 🙂

as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

love & Peace




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