Green Machine Smoothie!!!

Hi Everyone!

I’ll be posting some ow fat Green Smoothie recipes for you this week!! I think it is very important especially in the fall/winter months to get the nutrients in!! since we all don’t really feel like eating that much fruit and greens! these make a great breakfast or even lunch! and you will feel invincible afterwards 😀


All you need is:

– 2 Bananas

–  1 cup Frozen pineapple

– 1 kiwi

– 2 celery sticks

– handful of spinach

– 5-6 mint leaves

– 1 small peeled cucumber ( Persian cucumber from trader joe’s – or half of a regular cucumber)

– 1 Tbs Chia Seeds

_  Coconut Water (cold)

– 2TBS Hemp Hearts

– 1 drop Vanilla sweet drop (optional)

– A Blender ( I use my NutriBullet with 32Oz Cup)

* make sure your Bananas are ripe for sweetness.

**NOTE: Chia seeds will not only make you feel full for a longer period of time, They also support a healthy complexion, increased energy, and overall lower weight. Chia seeds are packed full of important nutrients – they are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

How To:  

  • Put  all the ingredients and sweet drops into your Blender and cover with filtered water (32Oz) and BLEND for 1 minute. make sure to Blend well, so you get al little bit of everything in there!
  •  ENJOY!!!


thanks so much for reading hope you enjoy very nutritious and beautiful Green Smoothie 😀

follow me for more healthy, fruity, green and vegan deliciousness 🙂

as always YOU’RE WELCOME

love & peace

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