ELLIS FAAS Lips- Only Tested on Supermodels!

Hi Everyone,

This week as part of my Review Wednesday I wanted to share with you the ELLIS FAAS Line,

this line has become a favorite of mine in the last few weeks! I have been testing their products for a while and ..just wow! LOVING IT!


First off… all ELLIS FASS products are “Only tested on Supermodels” ..  so they are “cruelty-free” and have officially been acknowledged by PETA. ( http://www.Peta.org)

Most ELLIS FAAS products are suitable for Vegans, except for the mascaras (beeswax) and Creamy Eyes (beeswax) and a couple of Lips that contain Carmine (L101/L108/L201/L203/L205/L301). Everything else is vegan!! and the glycerin in their products is not derived from animals.


I had the Opportunity to try out a few items from this line, but today I wanted to share with you my favorite… Their HOT LIPS & GLAZED LIPS products.

The ELLIS FAAS products come in a very sleek and Unique silver Pen container! the product comes out of the brush by twisting the end of pen, and once you are done.. you can put the silver lid back on… there is no way your product will dry out!


I tried the GLAZED LIPS in Sheer soft pink!


I absolutely loved this color and texture! it was so creamy with a beautiful sheen finish, and very moisturizing for my lips… and no.. it was not sticky at all!

IMG_4944 IMG_4941

I wore this a couple of times by itself and a few times over other lipstick to give it that extra sheen… and it was both long lasting and stunning! I have nothing bad to say about the Glazed Lips collection, and can’t wait to try out some of the other colors!!!

IMG_4942 IMG_4943

I also got to try out the HOT LIPS selection in Bright Red!

If there is one Red lip stick you want to purchase… this should defiantly be it… I am OBSESSED with this lipstick! I have always had a problem with red lipsticks and how they apply.. some are blotchy.. some too creamy! but these are just perfect!!!

the applicator on this one, is different from the glazed lips… you have full control over it and it is so easy to apply and even line your lips with! and although it dries quickly it did not dry out my lips at all and there was no way this was coming off of my lips… it seriously lasted for hours! and I only needed a tiny bit of it to fill out my lips!

IMG_4954 IMG_4957

I am in love with the HOT LIPS selection and will definitely be ordering a few different colors on there! just wow! Great job ELLIA FAAS for creating this beautiful and long lasting Lip product! My search for Perfect Red Lips is definitely over!

IMG_4956 IMG_4952

My only concern with the products was that, when I have all the silver pen containers together, it can take me a while to figure out which one is which! the concealers and the Blushes also come in the same container types… Even though there is a open circle on the bottom with the product color, I was still a little lost… it would be really great to have the name on the silver case 😀

Please Visit the ELLIS FAAS site and browse their products, seriously if there is a must have on my list this month it would be the HOT LIPS products 🙂

just as a disclaimer, I am in no way associated with this brand and I was not paid to write a positive review! I was sent the products to test out. SO these are my honest opinions of these products…

Hope you get to enjoy this Amazing line, I will be writing Blogs in the near Future about some of their other products!! I just love how proffesional and amazing their products are AND you can save those bunnies by using them 🙂


thank you guys so much for reading, as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

Love & Peace

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