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for some reason I am in the mood to do reviews on Wednesdays… so I think we’ll just do Review Wednesdays from now on 😀 yeeeeaaaahhhhh  it just became a thing 😉


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SO I am writing today about ARBONNE again 🙂

ARBONNE is a cruelty-free and Vegan company… Their Slogan is All about being GREEN… and they Formulate their products without :

talc | tallow | carbon black | animal products or by-products | parabens | mineral oil | formaldehyde-donating preservatives | phthalates | formaldehyde | alkylphenols | benzene | monoethanolamine | triclosan | synthetic dyes | hydroquinone | artificial sweeteners | artificial flavors | cholesterol | trans fats

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I have already written a Blog on the ARBONNE Mascara… you can check it out HERE, it has become my favorite Mascara EVER! and if possible I love it even more than I did since I wrote the review 🙂 Now I want to talk about the ARBONNE SMOOTHED OVER Lipstick, CAMELLA 


This Lipstick has a smooth and Glossy finish! and I love wearing this on the days when I want to feel natural but put together 🙂


I have been wearing this lipstick pretty much everyday to see how I like it, and I am really liking it!!! the color lasts for a long time!! I usually eat my lipstick with my meals.. haha… but this one lasted through an entire meal for me which was awesome! it did wear off after like 6 hours or so… which to me is acceptable, i have found that the lipsticks that last ALL day really dry out my lips unfortunately!!


My favorite thing about the lipstick is that IT is Infused with fruit extracts for lip-volumizing effects and to-the-max hydration as well! I definitely do feel like my lips are a little more plump when I have this lipstick on!!


I really love the CAMELLA color.. I feel like it is very rich but subtle at the same time, you can check out more Colors HERE.


I love the leak design of the Lipstick as well… my only criticism of it was that at first, it had a very sharp fruity, perfume smell which I thought was going to bother me! now I am a little sensitive to smells so it might now smell that sharp to everyone else… I did find that it doesn’t bother me that much and I forgot about it entirely after a while!

Visit the ARBONNE site to get the ARBONNE SMOOTHED OVER Lipstick, CAMELLA! 

There you go guys! I have been in direct contact with Emily Jennings one of the consultants of ARBONNE and she has a Blog right HERE on wordpress so you can contact her about any further questions as well 🙂 and a huge thanks to her for sending me this lipstick to try out! thanks Emily you are the BEST 🙂

Hope you guys found this review helpful! as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

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