My Road trip with Edward and Sons, “Convenience without Compromise”

Hi Everyone!

Finally here to share some FOOD items with you guys 🙂 and happy ALMOST October… yes fall is here…


SO recently I went on a couple of trips and I took these on the go food items with me.. since its really hard to have a nice home cooked meal on the go!

I got a box a few weeks ago from a company called Edward and Sons  I did a Blog on them a while ago check it out  HERE . Basically they supply innovative natural and organic vegetarian foods to stores and consumers throughout the world. so…

  • Edward & Sons Trading Co is family owned and run. Founded in 1978.
  • Their motto is “Convenience without Compromise” ®
  • They do not tolerate artificial ingredients in packaged foods so Edward & Sons™ products will never contain artificial flavors or colors, chemical preservatives or hydrogenated fats
  • All of the items are vegetarian and most are suitable for vegans
  • they offer many options for those with food allergies and special diets such as Gluten Free or Kosher
  • Their product family encompasses several brands, including Edward & Sons ™Native Forest®Let’s Do…Organic®The Wizard’s®, Premier Japan®, Let’s Do…® and Road’s End Organics®


I took 3 of their items on my trip to colorado with me and I wanted to share my little review with you guys!

  1. First thing I absolutely LOVED in this box was the BROWN RICE SNAPS, there were so delicious… Gluten free, Low fat and Low Sodium. I usually avoid crackers because of the high sodium content among other things… but these were low in sodium AND non GMO and completely Plant based…

IMG_4680 IMG_4681

these were so delicious and addictive 🙂 ! highly recommend these if you are into crackers and need to switch over to a healthier alternative, they are also made out of Organic brown rice! and yes I did eat the whole thing in like 10 minutes…


2. Second was Shells & Chreese, Chedder style... dairy free of course 🙂 so easy to make and a great alternative to the real thing ( mac & Cheese) this product is also Soyfree , Lactose free and Cholesterol free! and guilt free really!!


this was really easy to make basically came with a packet that you mix in water or dairy free milk of choice and add in with the pasta and there you go! this was ready in under 10 minutes!


I added in a few tomato slices just for fun :0 ( I had some from my garden that I took with me) and it tasted really good! i think it is a great alternative to mac and cheese and just as fast and easy to make as well!!!


3. Japanese Restaurant Style Miso-Cup ( natural instant Soup) ... I have always wanted to make my own Miso coup… it is one of my favorite soups.. this was perfect because I didn’t really even need a kitchen to make this soup… just some hot water!


It came with two packets that you add in and there you go there is your Miso- Soup!


It was of course vegan and Gluten-free which was a great plus, I really like this soup as a on the go snack but it was not as rich as the Miso soups that I have had in restaurants in the past, but still delicious!

There you go guys! hope these Items from Edward and Sons help you a little bit with your transition into the vegan lifestyle and help your taste buds adjust so that you can see how delicious and effortless Vegan Food can be, even on the go!

Please visit and browse through  Edward and Sons  their products are also available in stores so you can use THIS STORE FINDER to see where they carry items near you.. or look for their name next time you go shopping for an Organic and natural experience… not all of their products are vegan, but you will see the friendly Vegan logo on their products when they are!

thanks for reading, as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

love & Peace


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