The All Natural Face: Cruelty-free, Vegan & Non-toxic!

Hi Everyone!

I got a lot of feedback and views from my Top 5 toxic chemicals in skincare & Makeup Blog yesterday and thought I should go right into posting about the Toxic free companies that I have come across, Like mentioned 60% of what you put on your face in absorbed and we should really pay attention to labels and what we are putting on and into our bodies!


A company called “The All Natural Face”  was kind enough to send me a few small samples of their products… namely 3 eyeshadows & a vegan Lip balm, so I wanted to share my first impression with you guys!


As listed on their site Their mission  is to provide the best mineral cosmetics possible. They do not use any artificial ingredients. No bismuth, no talc, no carmine, no silk powder, no d & c lake colors and no parabens! Just pure and simple ingredients from the earth.

and I did some research and they are Truly vegan and Cruelty-free


 Their products and raw materials are not tested on animals. & they actually volunteer, rescue, and support a local animal shelter.

They have a lot of informative things on their site about toxins and products and what Vegan truly means… If you want to know a disgusting fact about what your red lipstick may contain Click HERE  and read the second paragraph on their site… yuck!


Now… onto my samples!

Here is what I got..

Shimmer Eyeshadows


Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow Peacock Green 

Rich and beautiful vibrant color!!! it pretty much looks like the picture! I love the texture of it as well it reminds me of bare minerals a little bit ( without the harmful toxins)

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.31.31 PM

Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow- Peacock Blue 

Texture same as the green, This blue is absolutely beautiful!!! I can see wearing a little bit of this on a fun night out! haha 😉

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.21.03 PM

Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow – Coral 

This is an amazing color! although I think I prefer this for my lips than my eyes!! which from the website picks it looked like you can use on your lips as well! so I tried it and it worked amazingly well! it does look more pink than Coral on my skin as well! you be the judge…

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.32.32 PM

vegan Lip Balm, Frosted Bronze 

You all know my obsession with lip balms by now ( if you’ve been reading that is 😉 ) so naturally I was super excited to get this sample! I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had some color to it… Frosted Bronze is the perfect description for this color!!!


I adds a subtle shimmer to my lips which I love and it does moisturize! i did feel like I had to apply a lot of it however! but once it was on… that thing wasn’t going anywhere! defiantly liked the lip balm and its awesome to know that it is not harmful for my body 🙂

well there you go! I hope you guys visit their site and take a look at their products!! I love how natural and truly Vegan this company is and companies like this need our support, they care about the animals AND the humans and do not sacrifice either one for the other…

I hope to review more of their products for you guys if I am given the opportunity… they have a whole line of foundations, concealers.. hair care and bath & body care!!

Here is their site:

Thank you guys so much for reading.. as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

please follow me for more cruelty-free and vegan goodness!


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