The Merry Hempsters will save the day!

Hi All,

I go for a run every morning! and sometimes I take different paths and a few days ago I decided to run uphill! It was really hard but I pushed myself and ran 4 miles uphill without stopping!!! I felt great! such a sense of accomplishment!


Oh but the next few days….


you might say.. suck it up.. just a sore muscle… but honestly it was just a little too much and I needed a good muscle Rub to function!

I went to my grocery store and guess what!! no natural cruelty-free & vegan muscle rub options…

My friend who is also an ethical vegan told me to try natural remedy with Hemps and I was researching hemps on the internet I came across The Merry Hempsters

The name alone caught my attention and I was pleasantly delighted to see that they are cruelty-free & vegan!


in addition they are Organic & only use the finest quality natural ingredients in combination with cutting edge eco-friendly packaging!

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.57.23 PM

There are extraordinary benefits of hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa) and you can read more about HEMP on their site for more information!

I got their Hot Hemp Muscle Rub and since I am obsessed with lip balms, I got their Vegan Hemp Balm ( peppermint) as well!


I can honestly tell you, that I have never seen a muscle rub work so fast in addition to smelling so amazing 😉 and the lip balm was amazing as well! just as good as any brand if not better and it stayed on my lips for hours!

they offer a variety of products:  Vegan Lip Balms, Vegan Salves, Tattoo Aftercare & etc!

I am so happy I found this organic Company and Hope you found this info useful 🙂 I had to wait in pain while mine arrived, but I’ll be sure to stock up on their products for future need and to avoid the temptation of buying a commercial brand 😦

I am not sponsored by this brand!

thanks so much for reading!

as always YOU’RE WELCOME!

please follow me fore more vegan, cruelty-free goodness 🙂


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  1. speaking of hemp….My ex mom in lw form El Salvador used stems from hemp, put them in an ordinary bottle of alcohol rub, it will turn green from the hemp and she used it for painful joints, and anything else that ached on her body….I never asked where she got her hemp from…LOL but we grew, way back then, our own so we used it…just a thought…..

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    1. awesome!!! there are companies that are trying different versions of that i believe… but since most people do not know much about Hemp and just categorize it with marijuana.. they are not so popular.. haha, thanks for sharing that!


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