My Beauty Routine with Maple Holistics.

It’s been a while since I’ve written on my favorite Cruelty-free and vegan products, That is mainly because I have been gravitating towards more natural products and skincare regiments. There are just too many unknown ingredients in our skin and hair care products, our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it and well… I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t want to put anything on my body that I wouldnt put in it.
I’ve been eating 98% raw the past couple of months and have noticed a huge difference in my skin, but even doing that is not enough sometimes, especially with the winter and dry weather coming my way! A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Maple Holistics, and I just loved thier vibe and what they were all about!
They provide Natural and holistic products! Just what I was looking for!
and I loved what they had to say:
Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 5.11.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 5.44.15 PM.png
I also love how affordable and yet high quality the products are! and  they are a cruelty-free company which is always number 1 on my list!
I have been trying two peoducts from them for the past few weeks that have now become part of my everyday beauty routine.
first off I tried thier TEA TREE SHAMPOO $8.95 ( on sale from $25)
I have a pretty dry scalp, in fact I have a lot of dandruf in the dryer winter months wich has been a huge problem for me, I have noticed a huge difference ever since using the Maple Holistics Tea Tree shampoo! and my scalp is not as itchy as it used to be! a little bit goes a long way and I am so happy that I can achieve these results with a natural product.
The ingredients are:
Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil.
My husband has started using it too! although I hide from him because I don’t want to run out too fast ( wink wink)
The shampoo is also  cruelty-free, parabens-free, GMO-free, and gluten free, how awesome is that?
The Tea Tree shampoo also promotes healthy hair growth and can slow hair loss, shedding and thinning hair! It’s too early for me to tell if I am having a healthier hair growth but I will definately keep you guys updated in a few months on that one!
The next product I am obsessed about is thier  100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil. 
($14.99 on sale from $25)
I didn’t know much about Argan oil until a few months ago, but as I was getting interested in a more natural approach to skincare I became aware of natural oils for skincare! now I know what you’re thinking… wouldnt that make me break out?
NO! absolutely not! I have had such an amazing result with Argan oil, I do have a combination skin and its on the dry side, but I do tend to get oily areas as well, My skin loves and drinks up the Argan oil and looks dewy and soft and fresh all day!
Argan oil is high vitamin E and fatty acid content and is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturiser.
People have been asking me what face cream I have been using and how I got my face to be so vibrant! The answer is Argan Oil! who knew right??
The thing is though, I had tried Argan oil before and I didn’t realize that I needed to be using a pure Argan oil to experiece all the benefits. Maple Holistics have a 100% Pure Moroccan Argan (Argania spinosa) Oil, which is 100% pure and natural!
I have started using it on my hair for frizeness as well and on my nails and cuticles, its supposed to help strengthen nails and keep those cuticles moisturized, it’s just been a little miracle worker all around and I LOVE IT! so ladies get yourself some Pure Argan oil and glow!
IN fact you can actually get  free samples from Maple holitics website and see which one of thier products works for you, just hop on over to thier  free samples program page and  pick a few products! it’s genius!
Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 5.01.57 PM.png
Alright! now you know a little more about my beauty secrets! I hope you guys found thin blog useful and I hope you can try out a few products from Maple Holistics.
PNG image-DCA79A02D162-1
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year!
Love & peace

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