APOTERRA Skincare ~ Heal your skin holistically.

I’ve noticed such a big difference in my skin since going vegan. and by vegan I don’t mean junk food vegan, I mean whole plant foods, very limited added salts, sugars or oils…


Basically I eat raw about 80% of the time, and I feel amazing! My skin also feels nourished and amazing as well, but there are times when I have a few minor breakouts here and there, either because of dirt or that time of the month or stress, etc!

last month I found this Chinese acne face map on the web and it’s pretty interesting how different parts of the face connect to the body and why there might be breakouts!


I was breaking out around my mouth right before the Menstrual cycle, and around nose when I had more salt intake than usual! You really are what you eat!! this is incredible! let me know in the comments if you see a connection with your breakouts!

In addition to these , I also have combination skin, which means I have an oily Tzone… now I use skincare for combination skin but to be honest most of them really dry out my skin and I feel like my T-zone gets oily anyway! I stay away from combination skincare because they never work for me, I feel like my skin is too dry and too oily at the same time and combination skincare does nothing for it.

I came across APOTERRA Skincare a few months ago while searching for plantbased and vegan skincare options and feel in love with their Philosophy:

“Our Skincare Philosophy is simple.  Heal the skin holistically, use natural and organic ingredients, keep it simple, and take good care of yourself.”

Since I am taking such good care of my body, I also wanted to make sure what I am putting on it is also free of chemicals and ingredients that might effect my health and skin! about 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed, that is a scary if you think about it… if you go and look at your makeup/skincare products right now you’ll see ingredients that you will not recognize…

APOTERRA Skincare is  based in NYC and their products are also handcrafted and made in batches with fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients. They specialize in healing the skin holistically by rebalancing dry and break our prone skin back to a healthy glow.


I had to reach out to this wonderful Cruelty-free company and try out their products… some of the products are not entirely vegan as they do contain bees wax, if you’re ok with that then you are free to shop any of the products.

they make shopping on their site very easy by giving you categories to choose from, product type, Skin Condition or Aromatherapy. and there is a PAGE dedicated to which products are right for you!

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-11-26-07-amThere is even something called Color Coding on their site

” Every one of our products is suitable for break out prone skin and will help you age gracefully, but each color indicates what that particular product is formulated to do.”
Red – nourishes + hydrates.  Great for dry skin
Blue – heals, clarifies + balances.  Ideal for break out prone and/or oily skin.
Yellow – gentle care.  Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
Grey – Bath + Body care products


I decided to go for a skin care routine for my oily T zone and got the

Night Clarifying Treatment with Chamomile + Sea Buckthorn


I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, actually over a month… I use it at nights and only on my T-Zone.

I love putting this on at nights, it has such a soothing smell, Chamomile just calms your senses and relaxes the body! It also really hydrated the skin as well as controlling the oil! which I did not know could even happen! I have been loving it and its become part of my night routine.


I am happy to report that even during that time of the month, I did not experience any breaks outs! I am loving this product, I feel like my oily T-zone is a normal part of my face now 🙂

They do recommend that you wait 15 min or so before face planting into your pillow because of the orange hue might stain fabrics, I never had a problem with it staining anything and I actually used it during the day as well and never got any ” hey you’re nose is orange comments” so you’re safe!

From the Color coding, it looks like I picked one for more oily skin, I would love to mix this with the RED Color coding, since my Dry skin needs nourishment as well… or even give their combination skincare a go, since I love the feel of their products! I’ll keep you guys updated on that.

I was also able to trace my serum to its original roots through the BACH # page! which was very cool!

Batch # 104 // NIGHT CLARIFYING TREATMENT with Chamomile + Sea Buckthorn

Date of Production // 06/06/16 
Safflower oil // Carthamus tinctorius , infused with Camellia // sinensis, green tea & Thymus vulgaris
Jojoba oil // Simmondsia chinensis // infused with organic Calendula, Chamomile, & Comfrey // Calendula Officinalis // Matricaria recutita // Symphytum officinale // USDA certifiwed organic, OTCO, kosher // cold-pressed // origin: Panama, Egypt, Hungary
Grapeseed oil // Vitis vinifera // USDA certified organic, OTCO // 100% pure, partially refined, cold pressed // origin: Chile
Evening primrose oil // Oenothera biennis // organic, OU Kosher certified // cold-pressed, 10% GLA // origin: China
Pomegranate oil // Punica granatum // organic // origin: China
Sea buckthorn oil // Hippophae rhamnoides
Tamanu oil // Calophyllum inophyllum // USDA certified organic, OTCO // 100% pure, unrefined, cold-pressed // origin: Vietnam
Prickly pear seed oil // Opuntia ficus indica
Ubiquinone (CoQ10) // premium grade, GMP Standard // no sugar, no soy, no dairy, no gluten, no additives
Sugar extract // Sucrose
Vitamin E // Tocopherols // Earth Kosher certified // unrefined, vacuum-distilled, from non-GMO soy sources // origin: Spain
Elderberry fruit extract // Sambucus nigra
Essential Oil Blend // USDA certified organic

Alright guys, I hope you get to give this company a go, they are absolutely wonderful, cruelty-free with so many vegan options.. they also have a great FALL Skincare Kit right now that looks amazing!


As always I’ll have to mention that I am in so way sponsored by this company, I did receive this product for review but in no way getting paid to promote or write a positive blog on this company, I just do this so that you guys get to read about more cruelty-free and vegan companies out there and have the choice to chose better for yourselves, the environment and the animals.


Alright guys, see you on Friday with another one of my favorite cruelty-free lines that I use every single day!

Love & Peace

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